Letter to Editor: Where were Harlow Tories at police meeting?

Politics / Tue 14th Dec 2021 at 12:43pm

Dear Sir,

HAVING attended the Little Parndon public meeting on Friday I was somewhat angry and fed up.

The meeting was due to start at 4pm but the police never turned up till 4.20pm.

The turn out was very small which seemed strange to me.

A question asked by myself was,how was this advertised and the police said they had also posted leaflets of which I haven’t found anyone that actually received one.

No member from the Conservative administration attended and neither did the county councillors for the ward.

It does seem that the Conservatives clearly are not interested in peoples opinions in Little Parndon.

The same could be said from Harlow council officers as I asked them to advertise the meeting on Facebook and Twitter which they didn’t and never even answered my message.

I must thank Robert Halfon for asking questions and arranging this meeting even though he was unable to be there.

The councillors on the Conservative group need to take a long hard look at themselves which includes the two county councillors who to be honest I’ve never seen in this ward.

To serve as a councillor in Harlow you are a councillor for all areas of the town and county  but this lot seem to do what Boris does and “Do what they like” 

Many issues were discussed at this meeting so let’s hope the police start to deal with some of them.

It’s a shame that this Conservative council cannot seem to work in partnership with the police but are quick enough to criticise them.


Lee Dangerfield

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6 Comments for Letter to Editor: Where were Harlow Tories at police meeting?:

2021-12-14 13:50:05

I think it's a sign of the gradual breakdown in trust of governance and people no longer holding any respect for good reasons. The council are a rule to their own and seem to have lost sight of the slogan "Working together for Harlow"

Chris Vince
2021-12-14 14:49:10

You'll forgive me Lee for mentioning that as the local Labour Councillor for the area I was there :-). PS - I have reported the issues we discussed.

2021-12-14 14:59:28

Chris I left it open for you to state that. Thanks for that message.

2021-12-14 18:10:45

As a little Parndon resident I was completely unaware such a meeting was scheduled. Thanks to Chris Vince for ensuring local residents were represented.

2021-12-14 18:59:56

KB so not the residents that also turned up? That’s amazing local RESIDENTS telling the POLICE the concerns they have? That’s amazing!!!!!!!

2021-12-25 22:08:53

So its the same old story! They don't give two hoots about the community they are all out for themselves, it will always will be that way. Wasting peoples time as long as they tell people what they think they want them to hear, everything will be cool! RIGHT?!?!

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