Police arrests reveal large knives and drugs stash

Crime / Wed 15th Dec 2021 at 08:51am

THIS is the latest report from the Harlow policing team.

On Monday 13th Dec, officers from the Harlow Town Patrol Team spotted a vehicle with three males in it.

Having caused it to stop and while being detained one male ran off. While running he discarded a large bowie like knife.

He was detained and arrested for possession of offensive weapon. This same male was then found to have stashed multiple bags of “weed” in his underwear.

He was then arrested for possession with Intent to Supply drugs (PWITS) due to possession of cash, intel and burner phones.

With the assistance of the Community Policing Team, the other two males were searched but was not until the car was searched that two other knives were found under the driver and passenger seat of the vehicle.

Both of these males were also arrested for possession of offensive weapon and PWITS.

Also found in the vehicle was “NOS” and in a large quantity so driver further arrested for possession of psychoactive substance with intent to supply.

Section 18s was positive so arrested for possession class A after multiple ticket wraps of cocaine found.

All suspects have been bailed pending further investigation with a condition not to enter Harlow or communicate with the other suspects.

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7 Comments for Police arrests reveal large knives and drugs stash:

2021-12-15 09:12:31

Bailed? Really? And while they're out on bail what do you think they'll be doing?

2021-12-15 10:46:39

So they don't live here? Obviously serious drug dealers with the potential to use illegal drugs and weapons, caught red handed what further investigation is needed? Shows that we need instant action, say, like fixed penalty fines, immediate fixed penalty detention in re education centres for such serious and dangerous inviduals. Plus since the car and the mobility it gives is a factor perhaps crush it or confiscate to sell in order to meet policing costs and five year driving ban. Meanwhile where's the action to sort the causes of crime so often promised by our politicians?

2021-12-15 11:46:10

Insanity ensues. Little to no real action against these idiots who are only in it for themselves. these drug dealers have no care other than their next buck. They’re not interested in whether or not people become addicted, it brings more cash to them. There needs to be a serious discussion regarding real punishments for real criminals. Not just a fixed bail cost and let go...

2021-12-15 21:02:32

how do we know that these individuals were not from harlow charity do yo have inside information??? But totally agree with you in every sense.

2021-12-15 22:25:51

Beloney - it literally says that they have been told not to enter Harlow. If they’re from Harlow, it makes no sense to prevent them entering the town in which they live... learn to read.

2021-12-15 23:09:57

how do we know that these individuals were not from harlow do yo have inside information??? But totally agree with you in every sense.

2021-12-15 23:41:16

P, I can read. I think you need to look yourself at what was stated in the text and know your law, P. You might find that sometimes people get excluded from the towns they originate from because they are such a pest to the community. ie: Bail Hostels. So P, would you please understand that before you shout you should know what your shouting about! Also for future reference when your write i at the beginning of a sentence i.e: "it literally" it should start with a capital I.

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