Harlow police officer sacked after lying about attending assault incident

News / Fri 17th Dec 2021 at 09:49am

A SERVING Essex Police officer has been dismissed without notice having lied about the support he offered to a victim of crime.

On Wednesday 7 October 2020, Essex Police received a report that a member of staff had been assaulted at a restaurant in Harlow.

PC Jason Hardy falsely recorded on police systems that he been to the restaurant and that the victim was not there.

In fact he had not been to the restaurant and not sought to help the victim. 

A gross misconduct hearing was held at Chelmsford Civic Centre started on Monday 13 December. The panel, chaired by Independent Legally Qualified Chair, Sharmistha Michaels found the allegations were proven and PC Hardy was dismissed without notice.

Deputy Chief Constable Andy Prophet said: “PC Hardy let down a victim of crime, the community and the overwhelming majority of Essex Police officers and staff who work tirelessly to serve the public. 

“This is the right outcome. The actions of PC Hardy were dishonest. “There is no place in policing for those who cannot be trusted to tell the truth.” 

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4 Comments for Harlow police officer sacked after lying about attending assault incident:

David Forman
2021-12-17 13:44:25

The right outcome for dishonesty by a warranted police constable. This case proves there are systems in place to deal with wrongdoing. The shame is that other honest police officers will be tarred with the same brush, but fortunately not all of the public think like that. I wish all members of the police service a happy Christmas and a joyous New Year.

Steven Snell
2021-12-18 09:51:38

Why did it take 14 months for this to go in front of a panel? Does that mean that for the last 14 months he has been falsely recording other issues? Or has he been at home in full pay ever since? Either way this is not good enough

2021-12-18 10:43:19

Let's just point out how many dishonest police officers stood outside no.10 whilst a full swing party was taking place during lockdown, yet did nothing! How many unlawful arrests they've made, without evidence, I could go on, but my point being we don't know the full story as to WHY he didn't attend and WHY he falsified that information. I'm not saying that he shouldn't have got dismissed, but without all the facts in front of us, it seems a little inconsistent on how the police deal with wrongdoings. I've read of officers doing a lot worse, yet they are still employed. There should be one rule for everyone, irrespective of the crime

Needs justice
2023-05-22 11:19:12

Going through the same thing from HARLOW POLICE officers, I have evidence of a crime and they do not want to investigate , they have told me there is no evidence , but I have videos and pics , the have closed the case, I opened it again... This is going on three years now and still no police officer has come near me in the past 8 months to view my evidence , I can only assume until it is investigated that the police are friendly with the person who is causing distress to my life .. I was at safer neighbourhood meeting and after I told the woman in charge that I felt "my life in danger" she insensitively asked me do I think the are just been friendly ?? After explaining that I feel like my life in danger , that was her response to me .. so I'll leave my email below and hope that a reporter will get involved as I've been diagnosed with stress and anxiety after seeing a doctor which te safer neighbourhood team sent me to , and still no support or no police officer has come near me to see my evidence ... Will I have to KILL myself , attempted suicide or start cutting at myself to get help from the police with what one person is doing to me through his friends and his doorbell camera.. he also is retired from Harlow council could this be the reason why no one wants to help ??

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