David Attenborough image crocheted by Harlow woman into a blanket

Charity / Sat 18th Dec 2021 at 01:10pm

A HARLOW woman has crocheted the face of Sir David Attenborough into a blanket to honour his work as a naturalist reports the BBC.

Reka Kohegyi, 40, from Waterhouse Moor said she “adores” the broadcaster and campaigner and wanted to use her crochet skills to praise him.

She said she was “blown away” after receiving a letter from Sir David when she asked him what charity he supports.

Because of his response, she said she would raise money for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Miss Kohegyi, an amateur fibre artist, started to crochet her blanket on 4 August and worked on it for a few hours every night when her four-year-old daughter had gone to bed.

“I learnt to crochet when I was in school, and I picked it up when my daughter was born and I made blankets,” she said.

“I adore David Attenborough and I wanted to raise awareness of climate change. I thought, what can I do? I know I can use my crochet skills, I will honour him and make a blanket. 

“I thought, this is the hardest thing I can do, but I’m up for a challenge, so let’s make it big.”

She said she contacted Sir David’s team to find out what charity he supported and said when he wrote back “so quickly, I was blown away”. 

“The letter is fantastic, it’s a treasure.”

The work, which measures 2m (78in) by 135cm (53in), took 380 hours to make and will be given away to someone, chosen at random, who donates to her charity page. 

She has so far raised £214. 

“It’s like a blanket but you could use it as a spread or a rug, or a wall covering,” she added.

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