Leader of Harlow Labour in positive mood as we enter 2022

Politics / Sat 1st Jan 2022 at 11:00am

THE LEADER of the Harlow Labour group is in positive mood as we step into 2022.

Councillor Chris Vince said: “2021 has been a difficult year for many of us with the Covid 19 pandemic still very much with us. My biggest hope for 2022 is an end to this virus, I write this three days into my own self isolation, and I believe that the way to return to normal is through vaccination. I hope 2022 means an increase in those being vaccinated in Harlow.

Politically we start the year eight months into a Tory administration with little to show for it. Their budget will show us whether the Tories intend to finally make good on last May’s election promise to reduce council tax. Sadly this bold statement was made without any real understanding of its impact.

Harlow Council tax payers are unlikely to see a real difference to their bills with the Tory County Council and Tory Police Fire and Crime increasing their element, whereas the impact on Harlow council finances could be massive. The Tory administration are yet to make it clear how they are going to account for this financial black hole and my group can’t help fearing cuts to services, staffing levels or privatisation.

We recognise that 2021 wasn’t a good year for Harlow Labour, a subject I have spoken on in length, but the recent dip in popularity of the Tory party nationally, due to revelations that their top brass weren’t leading by example in Christmas 2020 and in my view mocking the British public, does give us hope. Equally I believe that the Labour Party nationally recognises the importance of listening to and working with communities, not just to win elections but to make the positive change we want to make to them.

However, we won’t be taking anyone for granted which is why our new year’s resolution is, when we are able to, to continue to speak to residents, listen to their views and to show them that it is Harlow Labour who are on their side.

“We have an excellent slate of highly talented candidates for elections in May but we can only get them elected by working hard and showing them we are the genuinely progressive change that Harlow needs.

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6 Comments for Leader of Harlow Labour in positive mood as we enter 2022:

2022-01-01 12:09:31

Campaign to Save Our Stort, stop the Eastern Crossing, flooding, sewage discharges and the non green non "sustainable" NS EW corridors, prevent the overloading of our town with traffic and High rise flats, scupper the plans to expand the town by 132000 houses and introduce low cost reliable public transport with the £74 millon saved from not building the Eastern Crossing and Labour might get some votes. Above all build zero energy modular Council houses and denounce the disastrous 2020 Development plan and take Harlow out of pfp.

2022-01-01 12:31:08

Sad to observe that despite the open and own goals of the Tories, Labour isn't cutting through with effective alternative radical reforms and policies, looking like pale shadows of Tories. Nor does Labour look green or aware of the opportunities made available because of Climate change and because under investment in public services. This is not to say re elect J Corbin, although the witch hunt current dividing the Party is sapping the energy that should be directed at getting ready to win at future elections. Also time that unions were re empowered to stop the exploitation of workers in the gig economy. In short, unable to claim back the Red wall seats, Scotland and many traditional labour supporters. If the proposed New Green Alliance Party were to be formed there's a vacuum in uk politics to be filled if Labour doesn't step up.

Kim Oconnor
2022-01-02 11:21:06

If you say your listening to the public, then stop the destruction of our remaining green belt. We don't have much green spaces left in Harlow now, and you still want to destroy our river with this monstrosity of a 4 lane bridge. The river is vital to the well-being of people, which you speak of at length, and yet want to destroy. Please don't pass the buck to others, if this goes a head we will know who s done this to our beautiful river, to our wildlife. SAVE OUR STORT.

Nicholas Taylor
2022-01-03 00:03:14

Kim, it was Harlow's Labour Council which forged ahead with the creation of the Harlow and Gilston Garden Town, which will see hundreds of acres of Green Belt around Harlow concreted over with thousands of homes and bridges over the River Stort. They failed to consult let alone listen to the views of residents which led to many voting for the Tories last May who pledged to stop development to the South and West of the town and to reduce Council Tax. It remains to be seen what becomes of these pledges and others. So far all we have seen is hundreds of pages of waffle written for Council meetings.

2022-01-10 09:51:33

Nicholas, Labour's 2020 development plan you mean, Labour needs to admit the error that delivers nothing for Harlow except congestion, certainly no Council social housing and do a 180. Disown the plan, go back to the drawing board and start again from Sir Fred's original planning vision, only greener and better.

David Forman
2022-01-14 02:05:09

May I suggest that Harlow Labour Party try "working hard" in Sumners and Kingsmoor ward, especially when the usual candidate, Aiden O'Dell, happens to be the Secretary of Harlow Labour Party. To dispel my view that potential Labour voters in this ward are being taken for granted may I suggest you try delivering more than one leaflet during the local election campaign and even some outside the election period. I know some of the social media savvy younger members think being a keyboard warrior is the road to victory, but I think empirical data proves this hypothesis is delusional. Maybe, instead of expensive gym memberships, your younger members could lose the Christmas flab by delivering 800 plus leaflets in a day, like I did, on a regular basis?

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