Letter to Editor: Let’s ban fireworks from residential areas

Your Say / Mon 3rd Jan 2022 at 10:14am

Dear Editor,

ISN’T it time that fireworks should now be banned to the public unless done by an organisation…they are terrifying  the elderly, the children & especially the pets and me.

I am an elderly person and have oxygen in my home to be able to breath and I expect there are many people in the same position young or old and it terrifies me especially having to have it in the house and through doing so the house is continuously oxygenated.

After last year when a neighbour had her fireworks night completely different from everyone else it went on for over two hours…there were so many cartridges to the fire works in my garden that hit the windows & the patio sounded like world war 2 outside my backdoor echoing.

I picked these up the next day and returned to her… told her not to aim anywhere near my house & how irresponsible she was only for her to say nothing but snigger not even sorry.

She knew I was on oxygen…let me tell you if my house goes up so will a whole lot more it will be like dominoes…but what upsets me most is it’s not just the one night on occasion that we expect… but let off night after night before an event & again night after night after..my poor little dog is a total wreck too & takes me such a long time after to get him back to anywhere near normal…but the slightest thing he thinks that sounds anything like them..he’s a quivering wreck again.

As for the children that must also be so very upsetting & a lot of hard work to settle them.Again this year the fireworks haven’t stopped around where I live since before November & still going strong now.

People must have more money than sense even those that don’t work!! They are selfish irresponsible and damn right stupid as they seem to think that’s it fun to scare the living daylights out of the elderly the sick, the children & the pets of this world.

Shops should stop being able to sell them off cheap & personally there should be something put into place in residential areas…as this really is not safe for some of us. 

Put them all in a field far away on their own… wouldn’t be fun for them then would it!!!….

We need more rules and regulations and especially more policing as there is far too much going on that is very unruly.

Thank you

Name and address supplied

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11 Comments for Letter to Editor: Let’s ban fireworks from residential areas:

2022-01-03 10:35:47

Certainly is time to limit the power and explosive volume of fireworks in residential areas and regulate what the general public is able to purchase. Fireworks get bigger, more dangerous and louder each year.

2022-01-03 10:57:32

Oxygen oxygen oxygen, You have much more chance of your house going up when you turn on a light switch or appliance such as a hoover, What type of central heating do you have? naked flame or all electric, I sympathise with you as our grandson gets scared but stop the play on the oxygen.

2022-01-03 12:11:16

I 100% agree every Yr I have irresponsible adults, teens and youths letting fireworks off and sharing the crap out of my kids, epically when they are asleep. This is no longer done in a safe manner just done with utter disrepute and consideration for other.

2022-01-03 12:26:58

I’m sorry but no, now is not the time to ban fireworks. Nor is it ever. Should the sale be restricted, yes, so people can buy but only collect a few days before or the day of bonfire night and new year yes. But for the sake of two nights a year there is nothing wrong with people having home displays and being responsible. As for pets, it’s just one or two nights a year. Everyone else has to put up with your animals barking and pooing everywhere 365 days a year so until some restrictions are brought in I’m on barking dogs, then sorry, just deal with it. Can’t have it all own way and yes the majority of pet owners are responsible with only a few who are not. Same with firework users. So should we ban pets too?

Rant over
2022-01-03 13:23:59

Yes the ban should be in place there's plenty of firework displays all over harlow and outside harlow if it was just the bonfire night and new year I could understand but it's not this is where it gets ridiculous and upsetting for the ones that suffer and again time limit should be in place fireworks start the touch of darkness and goes into the early hour's this new year was an absolute joke with the fireworks there was even some last night 2nd January why ? As for dogs barking my dog only barks because of the fireworks so less of your barking on about our poor pets get more consederate would be kinder.

Anne-Marie Wells
2022-01-03 15:17:15

Public displays only. Too many goingboff over the year in our part of Harlow Essex And into the night

2022-01-03 15:28:04

Let’s stop oxygen at home as it’s dangerous should be in hospital where it’s safely stoned

2022-01-03 16:13:08

Park ranger don't know where you live burrowed our way its more than a couple of nights more like a couple weeks let's have fireworks without the bangs then everyone will be happy

2022-01-03 16:35:43

Maybe home displays should be strictly regulated so that you can ONLY have them on bonfire night and new years eve, not willy nilly. Pet owners can put things into place to help their pet cope if they know when it's going to happen, but when people do displays and do not have the consideration to advise thier neighbours, pets CAN and DO die. Not only pets, but people living with PTSD, fireworks are exceptionally triggering for them. They can set off major episodes and can ultimately result in people taking thier own life. Yes, fireworks are lovely and no one wants to take away the fun and awe of fireworks, but we do need to take the consequences of what can and does happen because of them, into consideration

peter henegan
2022-01-03 19:19:23

I loved fireworks as a kid (not always safely) and can still enjoy them. I guess this letter originated because of the New Years Eve fireworks. We stood outside watching them all around us at midnight (in gardens presumably) and it was fantastic. In a way NYE has perhaps superceded Guy Fawkes night. I understand concerns but many people do enjoy them so I wouldn't support restrictions

2022-01-04 08:15:35

Bloody ridiculous, enjoy a few minutes of fun ? No let peoehave their free choice to enjoy what they want leave the fire works alone and get a life. How pathetic to ban fireworks . If we're going to stop them let's also stop people from all fun activities

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