“Innovation Park will be booming this year” says Council’s Regeneration boss

Sport / Mon 10th Jan 2022 pm31 03:10pm

HARLOW’S economy is set to see a huge boost in the early part of 2022 with more high-quality businesses moving into the Harlow Innovation Park, which forms part of the town’s Enterprise Zone on London Road.

The Innovation Park, next to Newhall, is a forward-thinking development with first-class office space, high-quality med-tech buildings and a world-class scientific hub. There is much more investment planned, but already these developments are all creating high-skilled jobs for Harlow people and attracting even more investment to the town.

The Council is close to agreeing leases with a number of high-quality businesses, who will be joining electronics manufacturer Renesas, which has been operating out of the Innovation Park since March 2021.

Councillor Dan Swords, Cabinet Member for Regeneration, who recently visited the park said: “The Innovation Park will be booming this year as we see much of the behind-the-scenes work to bring businesses to the development are very close to coming to fruition. We are getting on with the job of boosting Harlow’s economy and creating high-skilled jobs and building on the town’s reputation as a successful research and development hub.

“2022 will be a booming year for the Innovation Park as it begins to fill up with world-class companies at the forefront of the science and tech industries joining us here in Harlow. And with them, they will bring new job opportunities for the town along with investment.

“We have extremely exciting plans for the Park with much more development to do but the future is extremely bright.”

For more information visit www.helloharlow.co.uk

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7 Comments for “Innovation Park will be booming this year” says Council’s Regeneration boss:

Mary j
2022-01-10 15:46:41

Haven’t yet heard anything about the promised live music venue in the political promo video,

Kim Oconnor
2022-01-10 18:33:03

He hasn't really said what type s of jobs?? We in Harlow are not all tech minded. And as for homes for Harlow, that's not strictly true is it. All theses housing estates your building, are unaffordable to most. How many council , for future generations.?? He talks the talk.

David Summerville
2022-01-10 19:29:42

He sounds and gesticulates so much like Boris, promising the earth--will it happen? and will it attract more jobs for Harlow people?--not too sure --he needs to address Harlow housing for all Harlow people, not, as in the past, the wealthy newcomers--ie.--truly affordable to ordinary people.

Julie S
2022-01-10 20:31:48

In this time of uncertainty, I think it is important to champion those who have optimism and faith in a brighter future. Councillor Swords is clearly enthusiastic about the plans being put in place for the next generation of Harlow citizens. The government has invested heavily in the town and I think people need to get behind this wonderful opportunity and drive it forward.

2022-01-11 08:55:48

Once again, no mention about addressing the diabolical Pothole situation. It would be nice to drive around the town without having the Springs in the car breaking. Would be nice if someone from the Council could comment on the potholes situation, Awaiting for a response. !!!!

Kim Oconnor
2022-01-12 12:07:42

Julie s , it wants to invest at the expense of our own people, not every one can afford theses unaffordable houses, most are private. 22 council houses last year, 16 council houses this year. That's not going the right way for future generations. And to invest that theses unaffordable housing estates join up to our beautiful river, by putting a 4 lane round through this beauty spot, is just monstrous. Theses investment s are not for our own, and is not thinking of the future generations. All its doing is destroying our green spaces, for those that can afford it. SAVE OUR STORT.

Charlie Browne
2022-01-13 20:18:05

Hopefully these new developments will not be on greenfield sites?

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