Deputy leader of Harlow Conservatives “recognises the anger” towards PM Boris Johnson

Politics / Sat 15th Jan 2022 pm31 05:26pm

THE deputy leader of the Harlow Conservatives has issued an individual response regarding the conduct of prime minister Boris Johnson and his staff in Downing Street.

Old Harlow councillor Joel Charles is at the head of the Covid response and recovery group for Harlow Council. He has also travelled the length and breadth of the country supporting the Conservative party on the doorstep.

Cllr Joel Charles said:

“I recognise the anger and disappointment residents in Old Harlow and the wider town feel at this time. The town has continued to show great courage and determination to confront the pandemic. I think it is important not to lose sight of the need to work together to rebuild after the pandemic – that is where our collective focus should be.

“During the first lockdown, I volunteered with the Royal Voluntary Service to deliver prescriptions and food to vulnerable residents in Old Harlow and across the town. Many local volunteers did the same. The acts of compassion and selflessness of local volunteers are what should be remembered from the previous lockdowns.

“The mood in Harlow due to actions in Westminster highlight that all Conservatives need to step up and show leadership to provide a way forward. I will continue to push the Government to focus on the vaccination programme and the need to fully open up our economy. What matters now is the town’s recovery from COVID-19, which will be my priority in the coming weeks and months ahead.”

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6 Comments for Deputy leader of Harlow Conservatives “recognises the anger” towards PM Boris Johnson:

2022-01-15 18:09:26

Amazing they all want to help now, get the PM stand down, leave get out your not welcome any more. For me and many other covid is over and so are the pathetic rules

2022-01-16 08:18:54

Boris Johnson must stand down if the Conservatives want to gain the trust of the people of the UK

martin chapman
2022-01-16 10:37:15

not only do they say do as i say and not as i do ,but also are happy to accept a 1.25percent pay rise,and our key workers get nothing

2022-01-16 11:39:37

"I recognise your anger" Coward too scared to stand up against the corruption.

2022-01-16 12:42:37

And now Stammer has been partying during the pandemic! Let’s get rid of the leaders we have and descend into chaos and real poverty, possible takeover by China or Russia ; anarchy; whatever, Who cares? I do for one. Let’s support our PM now and allow him to rebuild our country without the awful consequences of the start of the pandemic. Who would have run for office knowing what lay ahead in 2019? Take away the hype and media reports and give the government a chance. We are still Great Britain!

2022-01-20 20:28:17

Ironic that people want Boris out for breaking the rules, yet how many of them broke the rules? Yet they’ll bang on about being equal

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