Travel Alert: Day 5: Southern Way continues to be shut due to roadworks

News / Mon 17th Jan 2022 am31 07:45am

Update: Statement from Essex County Council

A spokesperson for Essex Highways said: “Emergency works are being carried out on Southern Way, Harlow, by Affinity Water to repair a water main. The road had to be closed for the safety of the public and workforce whilst works were carried out. 

“Currently, the closure is planned to be lifted by the end of tomorrow and be replaced by traffic signals. For updates on these works, visithttps://one.network/?GB127224445.”

The road is shut from the Latton Bush Centre to Abercrombie Way.

Update: 1400 hrs Thursday Jan 20th


Update: 1900 hrs: Tuesday

What we’re doing

Our repair team are still on Latton Mews and are continuing to repair the burst water main. The team are still redirecting water from other areas of our network so this may still be at a lower pressure than normal until the repairs are complete

We’re really sorry for the disruption. We’re working hard to get your water flowing again soon.

We updated this message at 18:15 and we’ll update it again after 22:15

0800 hrs

1800 hrs

1700 hrs

Interruption to your water supply – Harlow – CM18

Monday 17th January 2022

No water/ low pressure

We have been made aware that some customers may still be without water, we’re really sorry about this. If your supply is back on, this may still be at a lower pressure whilst works ongoing.

Our team is working hard to get your water flowing again. 

We updated this message at 15:25 and we’ll update it again after 17:25

What we’re doing

Our repair team are working hard to fix the burst pipe and get your water back to normal. Customers should now have water flowing again but this may be at a lower pressure than normal whilst we are carrying out repairs

We’re really sorry about this and thank you for your patience.

We updated this message at 13:15 and we’ll update it again after 17:15

0930 hrs

Anglian Water and Essex Highways are working on the problem.

Southern Way is closed from Abercrombie Way to Paringdon Road (Lower Meadow end).

Side roads such as Paringdon Road are quite busy. Allow for time.

0730 hrs

A BURST water main is affecting traffic this morning (Monday).

We understand the area of concern is on Southern Way near the Staple Tye mini roundabout.

Residents tell us that parts of Bishopsfield and Charters Cross are impassable.

More follows.

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14 Comments for Travel Alert: Day 5: Southern Way continues to be shut due to roadworks:

Pauline Gale
2022-01-17 09:15:27

We've cleared the cycle track along Charters Cross of water so it is usable again. Be careful as there are still leaves and other debris but hopefully Harlow Council/HTS will come along and clear that.

2022-01-17 13:16:37

I was going to work yesterday evening and you could see water on the road then, you knew it was a burst pipe, and when I returned from work 12 hours later water was everywhere, so why did it take well over 12 hours for someone to arrive at the scene.

2022-01-17 20:44:31

Tony, Did you report it ? if not, how would anyone know at the water company !

2022-01-18 09:58:33

Looks like ANOTHER "let's pass the buck" specially from the CITIZEN comment above "idiot" don't suppose you would have reported it either at that point if you were on way to work!! Full of ideas but you weren't even there... lots of criticism from those sitting on their arses so like everything else in Harlow. Water board came & are fixing must be so cold for them to work especially with this weather...give them some praise..

John Clements
2022-01-20 10:36:22

It would be nice to know daily update on the water main last one was Tuesday not good enough

2022-01-20 12:23:36

quite agree john, its now thursday and still closed, could see no one working at the staple tye end so whats going on, its causing all sorts of problems for local traffic

2022-01-20 15:27:08

As Mike (above) has said; would be nice to have some update! On the day it happened, I had a couple of Affinity Water text message updates. They soon stopped.

2022-01-20 17:52:22

The pipe burst on Monday, it’s now Thursday!! This is a major road that has many users, common side road and the other smaller roads are gridlocked and accidents are happing! People should be working day and night to get this road sorted! Updates would be helpful

2022-01-20 19:35:01

Just spoke to affinity water, job has been marked as completed, was told barriers will be removed within 3-5 working days what a shambles!!

2022-01-20 19:35:44

Travel Alert: Day 4: Southern Way continues to be shut due to roadworks News / Mon 17th Jan 2022 am31 07:45am Currently, the closure is planned to be lifted by the end of tomorrow..... Which is ????????? Give us a clue as never comes usually.

2022-01-21 09:00:53

It's a joke they close the road to be repaired but there's never no one working on it so what is happening because all it's doing is causing more traffic around Harlow than you care to remember you need to pull your finger out and get repaid.

2022-01-21 09:04:12

What do we pay our tax money for

R lucia
2022-01-21 16:27:25

How much longer is this road going to shut? If this is working flat out, what is slow like?

2022-01-23 08:13:17

Fed up with this problem, traffic diverted is causing massive amount of diversions from Southern way through Parnell Road, three schools in this area so causing huge tailbacks. Get your fingers out and complete the job and give us updates NOW

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