MP Robert Halfon discusses challenges of Ukraine both at home and abroad

News / Sat 5th Mar 2022 pm31 03:46pm

ON FRIDAY afternoon, we caught up with Harlow MP Robert Halfon.

The interview centres on the government’s response to the war in Ukraine.

We also discussed how he helped Harlow resident Nicholas Rossiter, who was living out in Ukraine.

We discussed the influence of oligarchs in the Conservative Party.

Finally, we looked at the impact on the lost of living due to the actions by the Russians in invading Ukraine.

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6 Comments for MP Robert Halfon discusses challenges of Ukraine both at home and abroad:

2022-03-05 16:55:33

To hear that our defence secretary has said one reason why we, the West shouldn't impose a "No Fly Zone" is because of Russian military superiority is surprising to say the least. Surely the West has the numbers and technology to overcome the Russian forces? Western leaders appear to be a collection of paper tigers. Polls are showing more and more ordinary people are in favour of immediate action, a No Fly zone and turn off the Russian oil and gas now. If we have to pay more for fuel on the world market and cut back so be, the cost is the price of freedom and in the long run will be less. It might even accelerate our green anti climate change measures. To hear that speculators are actually being tempted to buy discounted Russian gas and oil is a disgrace. After having sat back whilst Russia massed forces on the borders and after getting verified intelligence from several sources that an invasion was imminent our esteemed leaders backed away when measures should has been taken to nip the invasion in the bud. Paper, sanctions are too slow and clearly Putin has not and will not be deterred, after all despite western threats Russia has walked into the Crimea, two Ukrainian provinces and Georgia with impunity. Perhaps Putin is confident that China has his back. Apparently they have already agreed two major pipelines. Should Ukraine fall might Finland, another non NATO country, be next then Latvia and other former USSR satellites? Either way Russian forces will be on Nato borders especially now Finland is endeavouring to join NATO. Unless Putin is stopped a new cold war that could go hot in an instant is the prospect for decades. The Ukraine may not have joined NATO but they look west, out of common humanity and shared values we need to step up and at least create a No Fly Zone and a missile shield system. The attack on the nuclear power station shows the potential for a nuclear event that will affect the whole of Europe including the UK, a stray missile as forces approach the next nuclear power station wouldn't be good. Support Ukraine.

2022-03-05 19:16:11

Edward, There is no need for a NFZ as the Russian air force is not being used. Mostly it is a ground war what people calling for a NFZ mean is a close air support for the troops in contact in the ground. It will escalate and we do not need that as it will lead to a larger disaster. It is in Ukraine's interest to drag in other combatants just like it was in our interest in WW2 to drag in the USA. I would bet you spent the last two year cowering from COVID but are now happy to kill far more people in the first day with your rash actions. Most polls and those who know NATO etc do not want a NFZ as that is a no win situation. Hint the only way to win is to not play The way out of this is negotiation and addressing the long term issues, hint the west is not totally innocent in the root causes of this. Getting involved means instant ww3 do you know what devastation a nuclear strike on the UK would result in - One 200KT airburst warhead would pretty much wipe out this town we live in. What you should be worried about is the shortages that are going to come in food and the prices of energy and inflation.

John Baker
2022-03-06 00:40:30

We need to kill as many Russians as possible. These savages are killing children and civilians. They are brutes. No mercy or quarter to these barbarians. Send them home in body bags. They must die. They are Nazis. May they burn in hell.

2022-03-06 08:05:16

Adam: Putin has already said sanctions are an act of war: there's no guarantee that this won't be used as a reason for him to use nuclear weapons regardless should the war drag on and sanctions start to bite in Russia. Putin is out of control, there's a slim chance a coup might stop him but meanwhile does Ukraine get sacrificed? The west and Russia gave Ukraine guarantees when they gave up nuclear weapons: Russia invaded and the West has held back. This will ensure that Iran and other nations will want to continue developing their own nuclear weapons. Air power gives the ability to limit ground forces: if the west were able to give the Ukrain thousands of drones capable of gaining control then that might achieve something with missile shields but should Ukraine fall then it is unlikely Putin will not stop and will repeat this playbook again, with the same threats and the west will face the same dilemma. Putin looks to have much the same mindset as Hitler.

2022-03-06 08:11:09

Inflation and rising prices are inevitable under any scenario. The thing is to work to ensure that we are energy and food secure permanently. Going green energywise and getting uk food production for the uk up to levels so that we eat seasonally should be prioritise war or no war.

2022-03-06 08:23:24

Radically reduce and cut off Russian oil and gas. At least that will reduce Putin's ability to fund his war. Agree with Edward that we need to be energy and food secure.

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