Finance Boss: “Only the Conservatives can be trusted to run Harlow Council, cut council tax and invest in what matters most to you”. 

News / Thu 10th Mar 2022 am31 06:55am


IN February, we passed our first Budget as a new Conservative Council which did a number of things to make Harlow a better place to live, to work, to raise a family and to be. 

These included:

1. A £205 council tax cut for 34,000 Harlow homes – the biggest council tax cut in UK history – we are further freezing council tax until 2025.

2. Record investment into council services including Pets’ Corner, the Playhouse and the museum. 

3. More investment into building council homes for Harlow families than Harlow Council has invested in the last 30 years combined. 

4. £122 million to improve existing council housing and flat blocks. 

5. £63 million to improve council facilities across the town. 

6. £6.4 million to enhance the town’s landscaping and environment. 

This was all done with no cuts to services, no job losses and no detrimental impact on council finances. 

I am proud that we passed a Budget that will genuinely make Harlow a better town. The action the council has already taken with the first ever town centre planning framework means that finally Harlow town centre will be regenerated. 

The alternative Budget from the local Labour party would have scrapped the tax cut and instead put council tax up yet again. It’s clear what the Harlow Labour Party’s new motto is: tax more to waste more. 

Only the Conservatives can be trusted to run Harlow Council, cut council tax and invest in what matters most to you. 

Never again can we risk allowing same old Labour back in to tax you more and waste your money. 

Cllr James Leppard
Conservative Cabinet Member for Finance at Harlow Council

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11 Comments for Finance Boss: “Only the Conservatives can be trusted to run Harlow Council, cut council tax and invest in what matters most to you”. :

Peter Henegan
2022-03-10 08:09:26

Does the £205 include £150 the Govt are paying us to compensate for higher energy costs?

Sarah Jarvis
2022-03-10 09:22:12

No mention of the big financial hole in the budget reported last week? How will that resolve itself, after the election perhaps to save a few Conservative posts?

Nicholas Taylor
2022-03-10 09:24:51

Much of this is I am sure readers will be aware is just Tory spin, all part of their election campaign. No fan of Labour of course, but the Council has always spent millions of pounds each year on maintaining and improving the housing stock, although you can of course debate how they prioritised what to spend it on. The Tory Council have not reduced Council Tax as much as this article suggests, it is due to the Governments response to rising fuel costs. After nearly a year in control of the council all we have seen of regeneration is flower boxes along Broadwalk and little if any improvements to housing estates. On a wider issue, it is being reported that the new hospital will not be fully open until 2030. Just like the Tory controlled County Council, a lot of talk, despite which we now have more potholes, more street lights not working and more road signs damaged and falling down.

Pauline S
2022-03-10 11:28:32

Nicholas raises several points that many residents are thinking. He finally mentions potholes and street lighting failures coupled with damaged signs both of which Essex County Council are responsible for. I understand that the problem here is due to poorly constructed contracts where no time limits are given for repairs. This is where the four County Councillors for Harlow have all failed us.

Clare Harrison McCartney
2022-03-10 14:36:03

I’m so excited about the promised music venue .

2022-03-11 03:03:03

Putting rents up does not help us please put them down

Michael Hatton
2022-03-11 06:40:31

Sir - have some of your subscribers short memories ? If I'm not mistaken didn't the Red Brigade leave Harlow in a perilous state of affairs ? All that needs repair, and , there's plenty , were left for the Tories to resolve by courtesy of C Vince and his Momentum colleagues.

2022-03-11 10:37:46

As Nicholas says... Its all spin... Harlow's tired of it... They should keep it in their Masonic lodge's

stuart crook
2022-03-12 07:34:34

Well done most of the comments you will get will be from labour i don't understand these people you have only got to look at your council tax when labour run the council every year big increases . lets hope the people of Harlow see this

peter henegan
2022-03-12 09:06:13

Cllr Leppard, having had your letter published I would be surprised if you had not reviewed comments about it. So, why have you not answered my question "Does the £205 include £150 the Govt are paying us to compensate for higher energy costs?" which was actually the first comment. A simple Yes or No will suffice. A cynic might feel that the lack of a reply means that the answer will be Yes and that the impression conveyed is misleading. Don't misunderstand, I am very happy to pay less, I just don't want to be mislead.

Clare Harrison
2022-03-17 02:48:10

How come I got nothing off my council tax as promised? I heard people got some off of theirs, but not me! Maybe the party likes to persecute single women in flats?

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