Comment is free (but don’t abuse the privilege)

Your Say / Wed 23rd Mar 2022 pm31 06:18pm

WITH local elections coming up in May, we just wanted to lay a little marker down regarding comments.

We welcome a healthy debate on all subjects. As the historian Evelyn Beatrice Hall once said: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”

However, we want real people interacting with real people. In short, if we suspect one or two persons are using multiple identities, then we will simply put the IP address on our banned list.

Obviously we don’t mind pseudonyms but there are a few people who are getting a bit carried away.

So in short, be yourself. Please.

In the old days, there would simply be the Letter to the Editor. Sometimes signed and some times “name and address supplied”. We still offer that.

Some digital publications may have a “Wild West” of comments beneath a story but that is not our style.

We keep an eye on the Facebook comments as well and all we ask is that people are considerate and respectful. Oh and contributors don’t leave themselves open to legal action. There is no such thing as free speech. It comes with rules, obligation, qualifications and lines.

There is no law against being negative, sucking the life out of a story, not listening, repetition etc.It may drive us mad, but hey ho, it is part of our job to embrace that.

Others will say that their negativity is a political point.

Until May, we have decided to pre-moderate our comments.

We have had over 13 million page views in the last three years. We had over one million in 2022 already. But we want to make sure that YourHarlow is everyone’s Harlow and no-one feels excluded.

We want to thank everyone who looks in.

Now on to the next story. We hear they are building a floating replacement for The Square to go up and down The River Stort. Big red pots either side. First act up is Brian Wilson and The Potholes….

Anyway, be kind……

Michael Casey

March 2022

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2 Comments for Comment is free (but don’t abuse the privilege):

Mary M
2022-03-27 18:25:43

Looking forward to seeing Brian Wilson and the Potholes performing on the Stort 😁

Kim Oconnor
2022-03-31 10:51:47

No one will want to go to the river stort once they build that 4 lane road over it. I fell sorry for boat people and canal ability. Loads more pollution for them.

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