Harlow Council’s spring and summer grass cutting programme begins

Business / Thu 24th Mar 2022 at 08:46am

THE first cut of the town’s spring and summer grass cutting programme has been carried out.

From next week (w/c 28 March 2022) residents will also start to see HTS operatives on ride on mowers around the town.

Harlow’s grass cutting programme runs until October. Grass in housing areas is cut every 17 working days. Open spaces, verges, and sports fields next to housing areas are cut at different rates. There will be some areas left uncut or only cut once a year on purpose to promote biodiversity and these areas include banks, parts of the Town Park, some highway verges, most meadow grass and areas where wildflower seeds have been planted.

These areas are identified on the grass cutting schedule published on the council’s website at https://www.harlow.gov.uk/environment-and-animals/grass-hedges-and-weeds

The focus for Harlow Council and HTS on improving the environment now turns to grass cutting and weed control following the winter landscape maintenance programme coming to an end.

Councillor Nicky Purse, joined HTS yesterday (22 March 2022) on a scheduled cut of a playing field in Bush Fair. Councillor Nicky Purse, portfolio holder for environment, said: “With the smell of cut grass in the air you can really tell that spring is with us, and we have had some glorious weather in which to start the annual grass cutting programme.

“We continue to work closely with HTS to improve the town’s environment and keeping the town’s much-loved green spaces neat and tidy is an important part of that. As with the winter maintenance programme we will work together and monitor closely the grass cutting programme to ensure residents’ expectations are met.”

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7 Comments for Harlow Council’s spring and summer grass cutting programme begins:

David Vincent
2022-03-24 09:18:56

The town is looking better as the hedges and shrubs are cut back, but I noticed private contractors were finishing Sumners Farm. However, the grass cutting season should start earlier and finish later to improve the appearance of the town.

Jean Baker
2022-03-24 09:37:59

They won’t be able to cut grass verge outside Tanys Court as a large tree fell on the fence and broke it and has been left in the middle. The tree was removed but the bits of fencing has just been left. Rang council still not been done.

2022-03-24 14:19:30

You’re definitely right David Vincent

2022-03-24 15:56:10

I hope they stick to to thier 17 day schedule in grass cutting

peter henegan
2022-03-24 19:41:36

We are lucky to live in a town with so many attractive areas-the view from my house looks more like a village scene than an urban environment. The problem for the council, and perhaps all of us, is that what looks nice-neatly cut grass, tidy areas etc isn't necessarily what is best for the creatures we share the town with. I do like the wild flower areas that were created last year but not so many years ago we had far more areas planted with daffodils and crocuses-I used to cycle adjacent to third avenue -I often saw contractors digging up the area for cable laying , I was convinced bulbs were not replaced

Craig Carter
2022-03-25 12:31:32

Fennells was left with sharp thorny debis over paths and the road after recent hedge cutting. I say cutting, but most hedges were roughly cut and looked awful after. At least one child playing on his bicycle has suffered a puncture due to the thorny twigs left behind. I guess the cutting blades were dull and the leaf blower was underpowered. :(

Council tax payer
2022-03-26 23:04:05

‘There will be some areas left uncut or only cut once a year on purpose to promote biodiversity and these areas include banks, parts of the Town Park, some highway verges’, What a cop out, just cut them back like your paid to do, or dogs will be getting ticks again! There are plenty of wild spaces around for ‘biodiversity’ already.

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