Princess Alexandra Hospital appoint Dr Rob Gerlis as director

Health / Sun 24th Apr 2022 am30 08:45am

THE Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust (PAHT) has appointed a local GP to its board as an associate non-executive director.

Dr Rob Gerlis, who joined PAHT this month (April), has been a GP for more than 30 years. 

He began his career at The Princess Alexandra Hospital, where he completed his postgraduate medical training.

He then participated in the West Essex GP vocational training scheme, progressing in his medical career to become a partner at the Ross Practice in Harlow in 1986.

Now semi-retired, Rob has been the chair of West Essex Clinical Commissioning Group for nine years and has taken on the role of chair of Stellar Healthcare, a GP provider company covering Harlow and Epping Forest.

Rob said: “I am excited to have joined the PAHT board – this is a fantastic opportunity to make a difference to the community.

“I am looking forward to working with colleagues to create a modern, integrated local health and care system.”

Hattie Llewelyn-Davies, chair of The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust, said: “I warmly welcome Rob to our board – he has a wealth of experience that will greatly benefit our organisation.

“I am delighted that he will be supporting us to develop and improve our hospitals for our patients and our people into the future.”

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7 Comments for Princess Alexandra Hospital appoint Dr Rob Gerlis as director:

gary roberts
2022-04-24 09:26:13

And there you have the problem: Dr. Gerlis has, " taken on the role of chair of Stellar Healthcare, a GP provider company covering Harlow and Epping Forest." Our current NHS services provision is reliant on this company. Is that not a conflict of interest? Dr. Gerlis also apparently agreed to the closure of the Osler House doctors' surgery leaving a large cohort of NHS patients without locally based medical services in Potter Street. That is shameful!

Tony Durcan
2022-04-24 14:43:53

Rob has been a great warrior for primary care over the years. His knowledge about all aspects of primary care is top drawer and will provide the acute trust with the best advice. Pleased to see someone we know on the board.

gary roberts
2022-04-25 06:47:17

Cllr. Durcan, you may know of him but maybe the rest of us are unaware. Was he not on the WECCG board that closed Osler House in Potter Street? I suspect so. Dr. Gerlis may have all the experience in the world and you may know him but still the residents' and patients of Potter Street lack a doctor's surgery and have done so since 2018!

2022-04-25 08:08:58

Why exactly did osler house surgery close? Was it to cut costs?

gary roberts
2022-04-25 10:04:58

Hi Johnny, Yes I am told it was about costs but the Osler House patients' were not consulted about the closure at any stage. That was disgraceful given the demographics of the area.

Susan Bentley
2022-04-25 10:08:55

I wanted to write and let people of Harlow know about what I think is a very 'shady' state of affairs going on in our GP services and local health services. We are told that our NHS GP's are extremely overstretched and are working too hard. They may be, I cannot tell that as my GP never ever seems to be available at the NHS practice. What is happening though is that many GP's are busy generating an extra healthy income via private healthcare companies that which are Directors of. These private (profit making) companies then sell their services locally to the NHS. Examples of these are Stallar Healthcare Ltd and Zaming Ltd. to name just two. They have no place in our local NHS provision, yet are intertwined at every level. These private companies which generate a good profit all have shareholders or directors (ie profit takers) that are local GP's. Then selling health services to the NHS locally means many local GP's get paid by the NHS twice over! The same directors are heavily involved in the Clinical Commissioning Group, and I now learn at least one has been made a Director on the Princess Alexandra Hospital Board. Unbelievable and absolutely wrong. Whilst I am quite sure these GP's and companies have somehow avoided breaking any laws or do anything actually illegal, this whole set up stinks and smacks of corruption. Just look up Stellar Healthcare Ltd on Companies House on the internet and find out if ylour local GP is a Director or shareholder.... I think you will find that many are. The NHS, which is always short of money is being 'fleeced' here. Local rersidents are not getting timely GP appointments as GP's bleat that they are too busy...The fact is that they are often too busy concentrating on their private company interests. This is a disgrace. Who is there to investigate this ? probably no one. Broken Britain.....Corrupt Britain. Yours Susan Bentley Mrs Susan Bentley Greenhills, Harlow I wou;ld be mopst grateful if ypou would publish this in Your Harlow. I AM HAPPY FOR YOU TO PRINT MY NAME, BUT PLEASE DO NOT PUBLISH MY EMAIL OR ADDRESS...... Many thanks

2022-04-25 18:22:50

Totally agree with you Susan Bentley,he may be better at this job lol I found him useless as a GP

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