Ward by Ward: Great Parndon: LeMay may and may make Waite wait

Elections / Tue 26th Apr 2022 at 06:26pm

THIS seat is and has been a comfortable Conservative seat.

However, this may be one of thise funny old years. That’s our excuse as we approach another ward by ward with trepidation.

The Conservatives majority in previous years is as follows:

2021: 580

2019: 265

2018: 317

2016: 218

2012: 25

As you can see, the opposition have never really got that close. On most occasions, the Labour Party has come second but in 2019, the Harlow Alliance Party were runners-up.

The Conservative candidate is retired businessman, Steve LeMay. Steve’s wealth of experience may be invaluable for the Conservatives but he may find the way things are done in the public sector a challenge for a straight-talking guy like Steve.

It is good to see that former Toddbrook councillor Phil Waite is standing again. Phil was such an accomplished councillor in the chamber. He has an economy of words and was an integral part of the Labour administration. He was chair of the planning committee, which is always controversial as many residents in the Bynghams area may attest to.

It is a shame that the Harlow Alliance Party haven’t moved on from two candidates but Nicholas Taylor and Alan Leverett play an important part in holding Harlow Council to account.

However, it will still be interesting to see how many people vote for them this year. There vote has varied from 193 to 416.

YH Prediction: Cons Hold: Majority Under 200

Great Parndon

Stephen LeMay (Conservative)

Nicholas Taylor (Harlow Alliance Party)

Phil Waite (Labour)

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12 Comments for Ward by Ward: Great Parndon: LeMay may and may make Waite wait:

Jamie Henderson
2022-04-26 21:14:56

Do the good residents of Great Parndon & Katherines realise that it was Phil Waite ( with his economy of words) who as Chair of the Planning Committee in the last administration actually by-passed the Committee to allow the giant Amazon warehouse to be installed in the back gardens of the residents of Katherines? I mention this solely that credit is given where it is due, and that the residents of the ward might be able to and express their appreciation at the ballot box for Phil Waites’ contribution to their environment. I am certain that Phil Waite will be delighted to receive due credit for his efforts.

Jimmy D
2022-04-26 21:56:58

I appreciate that JH is desperate for the people of Gt Parndon to save his Tories from loosing but there is no need to bad mouth a hard working bloke like Phil waite to do it.  Phil was the only one of planning committee who criticised this, all the Tories on the committee voted for it, as he knows.  Sadly a desperate attempt by the Tories to discredit a decent bloke because they know that Boris has let everyone down with his parties!

Neil Warner-Baker
2022-04-26 22:56:06

This is the ward that counts, who is the candidate that will protect our town? From what I understand, the Conservative and Labour Party in this ward are obsessed with expanding our town into a city with no regard to our green belt or what Harlow citizens desire. No Green candidate standing... So Harlow Alliance Party all the way.. Nicholas Taylor is the rational choice if you care for Harlow's future..

Jamie Henderson
2022-04-26 23:01:16

Jimmy D, you are clearly deluded. Your mentor, Phil Waite completely by-passed the relevant Planning Committee. A less charitable mind than mine might suspect ulterior motives and interests, but far be it from me to speculate. I just think he should have the courage to explain to the residents of Great Parndon & Katherines how this monstrosity came to pass under his watch as Chair of Planning. Your attempt to pass the blame to the Tories is both dishonest and laughable since it was his own far left Momentum cronies who had the majority on the aforesaid Committee. Your banal attempt to distract attention away from the facts by alluding to Boris, who as far as most of us are aware, had no involvement in Anazongate, is pathetic to the point of insulting the intelligence of voters. You really need to sharpen your act; the good residents of Great Parndon & Katherines are not as stupid as you and your mentor, Phil Waite clearly believe. Phil Waite pushed this through without due process. Shame on him.

Nicholas Taylor
2022-04-26 23:05:25

I of course as the Harlow Alliance Party Candidate hope that residents will remember the part played by both of the other political parties in the warehouse development, the fact that Labour wanted to build on the large green space behind Deer Park which the Conservatives never objected to, the fact that both Parties support the redevelopment of Pollard Hatch which will see residents homes being demolished in the next two years, the Council refusing the residents request for a Community Right to Bid on land in Fir Park and of course never objected when it really mattered to the Epping Forest DC Plan to allow thousands of homes to be built, some just 12 feet from homes in Harlow without any consultation with residents in this Ward. I am also the only candidate who lives in this Ward.

Jamie Henderson
2022-04-26 23:19:27

I am grateful for YH description of Steve Le May’s attributes as a candidate. It is precisely his experience as a successful local businessman that we need to get things done in local government as opposed to a far left, Momentum , anti-Brexit has been like Phil Waite ( of Amazongate in Katherines). We need Councillors with Steve Le May’s experience and drive instead of pseudo Marxist failures.

Neil Warner-Baker
2022-04-26 23:22:54

Well said Nicholas! I find it exceeding amusing that the conservatives on this site tie themselves in knots whilst playing the blame game with Labour, whilst you consistently and gently give us the facts.. Good on you.. Thank you for putting the interests of Harlow first and formost.

Jamie Henderson
2022-04-27 07:35:20

Neil Warner-Baker, I fear you are very mistaken. The involvement of Phil Waite in Amazongate is a matter of public record. Be assured that Steve Le-May, like Alexander The Great will take the sword to splice through the Gordian Knot of Labour’s and Phil Waite’s duplicity and deceit. Steve has the credentials and experience to make an excellent councillor for the residents of Great Parndon & Katherines. Make no mistake.

Nicholas Taylor
2022-04-27 07:41:07

Jamie, as was so often the case in the last ten years, Harlow Conservatives were sleep walking and did little to scrutinises and 'call out' what Labour were doing. The Harlow Alliance Party were the only Party to hold public meetings across the town in order to let residents know of the plans to build on green spaces and the plan of EFDC to allow the building of thousands of homes along Harlow's borders. Conservative Councillors sat back at the meeting about the latter issue and said nothing until asked by a resident and then said nothing of any substance. The Conservatives on the Development Control Committee sat back and voted in favour of the warehouse development, they could surely not even visited the site otherwise they would have realised just what effect the warehouse would have on residents living nearby. I doubt that either of my opponents will have the cheek to canvas in the nearby estates.

Jamie Henderson
2022-04-27 08:21:09

Nicholas, say what you wish. The Amazongate was removed from the Committee by the Chair Phil Waite. I am surprised it was never questioned by the Scrutiny Committee, which by convention is chaired by the opposition, but who broke the time honoured convention? Labour putting their own puppet on this important Committee, thereby ensuring that nothing was properly scrutinised in a democratic manner. The sort of stance Mr Putin would use. I notice Harlow Alliance have never questioned this disgraceful move by the former Labour administration. Such silence is tantamount to complicity.

Nicholas Taylor
2022-04-27 09:42:46

I will Jamie, say what I wish. Your latest post smacks of desperation, we made our feelings known at the time, the whole planning consultation process was poor, which following a review lead to wholesale changes in practices and procedures. This was never questioned by the Tories, who as I say were sleep walking for years, it was only after something became clearly wrong that anyone thought we had better look again at the Council's procedures. You cannot lay any blame on HAP!

Nicholas Taylor
2022-04-27 17:14:35

Jamie, as we said at the time the whole process was flawed. You think the Conservatives are any different when it comes to respect for residents and democratic conventions, you must be joking! They voted to trash the River Stort despite 6000 people who signed a petition opposing the river crossings. Now don't go on about what Labour have said and done on this matter in the past, two wrongs don't make a right.. The fact is, at no time did the Conservative Councillors provide feedback on why they were going to/did vote as they did, that is, what are the benefits to the residents of Harlow. What both Parties fail to grasp for very many years is that following consultation, they have to come back to residents to explain why decisions have been made in the why that they have.

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