Letter to Editor: An appeal to Harlow’s Essex County Councillors

Politics / Wed 27th Apr 2022 am30 08:19am

Dear Editor,

I’M not a supporter of any single political party, but have been inclined towards the Conservatives until more recent times.

I consider the Conservatives (nationally) made a big mistake in choosing our present PM as the UK leader because he is not regarded by so many as a suitable person for such a responsibility.

Eddie Johnson
Mike Garnett

However, things have deteriorated over past years within Essex County Council and it is this aspect that I now plead for your combined action please.

Too many of ECC responsibilities are not being activated in what most people would view as reasonable “TIME FRAMES”.   


Clive Souter

Home working and Covid may have made the situation worse, but the problem goes back before either of these two aspects arrived on the scene.

Last month I emailed an ECC portfolio holder – his response was entirely what I call “Staff Speak”, certainly not his origination.   

It is my opinion that highly paid senior staff are running ECC to suit themselves and Essex Conservatives need to change that attitude which appears to be firmly entrenched over a number of years.

Will you please inform me of what the four of you intend to do at this point in time to overcome the problem.   

Secondly, keep me updated on any progress you make as it happens.

POTHOLES: My experience was a costly one last year. Yet over many years the No.1 moan from residents has been the long time lag before repairs are carried out. Too often residents (incorrectly) blame HDC rather than ECC.

STREET LIGHTING: Also, generally a County Council responsibility, yet frequently long delays before rectification of faults. In my area a number of street lights have not functioned for over a month, some immediately adjacent to another. Also, this past Winter a whole section on the A414 between two roundabouts had no lighting for a prolonged period.

TRAFFIC SIGNS: Usually damaged in accidents, yet many remain unattended month after month. One example in Church Langley Way heading towards the A414 at the Tesco roundabout remains demolished since, maybe, last Summer. Heading North on the A414 two ‘out of date’ “road narrows” signs have three times been reported just beyond the hamburger, and before the speed camera yet the two lanes opened when the hamburger opened!

FALSE INFORMATION: Initially, staff provided false information regarding a partial extended blockage of a two metre wide residential Public Footpath where you could only walk single file for a whole season. A dog walker made more than one attempt to clear the area but it appeared to be too big a task. The following season legal advice was obtained which resulted in the problem being resolved within days. But that type of action should not be necessary.

BLUE BADGE RENEWAL: I applied in January but only received the new badge on the 6th April. One letter regarding this was dated 25th February, postmarked 10th March and received 14th March. Part of the problem here was ‘home working’ that appeared to be unorganised. Meanwhile, I had two parking fines for not displaying a valid badge.

FREEDOM OF INFORMATION: A request this year took 9 weeks to obtain.

We are all aware of “financial constraints” but I consider ECC to have gained such poor Customer Service for far too long. I find close on 3,000 staff are employed above the average wage, up by nearly 500 on the preceding year – about a 16% increase. Yet the poor reputation still remains. Time frames for services need urgent revision.

Peter Scally,

Church Langley,


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2 Comments for Letter to Editor: An appeal to Harlow’s Essex County Councillors:

2022-04-29 14:22:31

Peter is the idea of including the pictures of the Conservative Cllrs who are complicit in the sorry state of affairs and have supported the Essex and hggt transport plans to overload the town,.decimate the Stort River Valley environment and gift East Herts executive housing, to warn people as NOT Wanted posters or to support these Cllrs who have the vision of turning Harlow into a dreadful mini city and moving pah out of town?

Kim Oconnor
2022-04-29 20:30:40

As usual we'll said Edward. Absolutely right.

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