Letter to Editor: Leader of Harlow Labour thanks voters

Politics / Fri 6th May 2022 pm31 04:48pm

THANK you to everyone in Harlow who came out and voted Labour in the May local elections. 

Your support genuinely means a great deal to all our candidates whether they were elected or not.

Winning five seats, plus coming so close in some others, is a huge step forward from this time last year when I was only Councillor returned.

We were of course disappointed to lose Bush Fair, particularly with such a hard-working candidate in Kay Morrison, and Harlow Common where Maggie Hulcoop has been such a champion for her local community, not to mention a civic leader, for so long.  

However, it is wonderful to have Tony Edwards and Tony Durcan re-elected and Daniella Pritchard, James Griggs and Lanie Shears joining the team.

I know how much value they will add not only in the council chamber but in their local communities too. 

Across Harlow the Conservative vote dropped by nearly 3,000 votes where as our vote held up.

Winning back seats the Mark Hall and Toddbrook seats was particularly meaningful as these were formerly Cllrs Frances Mason and Danny Purton’s seats , both of whom sadly passed away recently.

For them and everyone who needs Labour representation in Harlow we must carry on. The process of rebuilding continues.

Cllr Chris Vince

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4 Comments for Letter to Editor: Leader of Harlow Labour thanks voters:

2022-05-06 20:00:02

But what a poor overall turnout - 28.9% [Less than 29 people in every 100 - that is less than one third!] Why? I suggest the answer is that so many Councillors can't be trusted to WORK FOR THE COMMUNITY. One example appears to be ECC Councillors.

David Forman
2022-05-06 20:11:08

So Harlow Labour is in the process of rebuilding, says Cllr Chris Vince. May I suggest he starts with the foundations and reads Professor Matthew Goodwin's book "National Populism" published in 2018. A synopsis of the book reads: "This book attempts to explain national populism using a '4D model': destruction of the national culture due to large-scale international migration; deprivation of opportunities due to globalization and in the post-industrial economy with its frequent disruptions and slow growth; growing distrust by working-class and rural voters who feel increasingly alienated by liberal cosmopolitan city-dwelling political and media elites; and de-alignment from traditional allegiances, which can be seen in high levels of voter volatility, or people switching from one party to another between elections."

2022-05-07 06:03:25

David, 2018 is out of date, old news and thinking: you forgot to refer to oligarchs and Russian and other laundered money, the persistance of Thatcherism, the Eatonian effect and the demolition of manufacturing and the generation of a "me first" survival mentality changing working people's mind set from collective power into a race for personal gain. Not to mention the race to the bottom promoted by global business giving away power and technology to China.. All policies that have lead to food banks, rampant inflation, Climate Change and to war in Ukraine. Whichever way people turn the current political system doesn't provide the answers and solutions people need from pot holes to health care, no wonder they don't vote and the extremists prevail.

David Forman
2022-05-07 10:32:48

Nostradamus, Professor Matthew Goodwin's analysis on Twitter published yesterday: "Labour is UP 4pts in London but DOWN 3pts in North + Midlands. Cons down sharply in South, 6pts, but much less so in North, East & Midlands. The realignment of British politics essentially continues. Cons have good reason to lean into it - Lab still have good reason to fear it.". See Matt Goodwin @GoodwinMJ

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