Exclusive: Conservative councillor for Bush Fair quits after Twitter feed found to be full of racist comments

News / Tue 10th May 2022 pm31 02:46pm

Update: 1900 hrs

Mr Lorenzini has stood down as a councillor.

There will be a by-election in Bush Fair ward in due course.

A Harlow Council spokesperson said: “Marco Lorenzini has resigned as councillor for the Bush Fair Ward with immediate effect” 


A reminder of the result from Thursday


A CONSERVATIVE COUNCILLOR for Bush Fair’s future is in doubt, just four days after being elected, as he has been dumped by his party after they discovered that his Twitter feed was found to be full of racist comments.

First time candidate, Marco Lorenzini was elected on Thursday night polling 678 votes, just four ahead of the Labour candidate Kay Morrison.

It was a big gain for the Tories who were in triumphant mood afterwards as they had retained control of the council.

However, a few days later, Labour activists came across councillor Lorenzini’s Twitter account, which was full of racist tropes and comments.

The retweets are a procession of racist invective and highly inflammable memes. There are constant references to the Muslim faith, a tweet that praises extremist Tommy Robinson and highly insulting references to London mayor Sadiq Khan and Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer. to name just a few. His other Twitter account had the following message on his bio: “If you live in the country, learn the language..”

All social media accounts appear to have been deleted.

Conservative Peer, Baroness Warsi has conducted a long running campaign to expose and stamp out Islamophobia in The Conservative Party.

Councillor Lorenzini had not published any tweets himself but had retweeted a large number of tweets.

A spokesperson for the Harlow Conservatives said: “We utterly condemn these remarks and have removed the whip from this councillor with immediate effect. This means he will sit as an independent councillor.

“These abhorrent views are not the views of the Conservative party and we utterly condemn them. There is no place in our party for such thought and we will never accept it.”

“Our group calls unreservedly for the independent councillor to resign with immediate effect.”

Cllr Lorenzini is just behind Harlow council leader Russell Perrin

The leader of the Harlow Labour group, cllr Chris Vince said:

“Firstly I am disgusted by the views that were shared by the new member for Bush Fair.  I know that residents of our inclusive and diverse town will be equally appalled and emphasise these views are not a true reflection of what Harlow stands for.

“I am pleased the Conservatives have withdrawn the whip but this does not stop the individual staying on as an independent which will cause a great deal of fear, anguish and up set for councillors and officers I am sure.

“I have to question to vetting and selection process used by the local Conservative Party which allowed this to be missed when his Twitter feed is open to the public. They must act to ensure this is not allowed to happen again.

“Politics should be an inclusive place where all members of our community feel safe to contribute.  Racism has no place in our society, our town or our council chamber.

A spokesperson for the Harlow Green Party, who ran ten candidates including one in Bush Fair, said: “This man should stand down and let a by-election take place. He has won this seat under false pretences.

“The Harlow Conservatives have to look at their selection process which is deeply flawed.”

YH is making attempts to contact councillor Lorenzini. We have e-mailed him. We also attempted through his Twitter account but that was removed just prior to publication.

More follows.

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14 Comments for Exclusive: Conservative councillor for Bush Fair quits after Twitter feed found to be full of racist comments:

Lewis Brand
2022-05-10 15:00:06

An absolute disgrace, how on earth have the Harlow Conservatives allowed him to run in the local election 2022. This just goes to show who the conservatives back.. scandal after scandal. Harlow Residents deserve BETTER!

Adam Osen
2022-05-10 15:21:59

How can someone with such views even think of standing for public office? Are there any vetting procedures?

2022-05-10 15:34:16

Deeply disturbing. Most shocking that no one anywhere in the system, whether political parties or voters cared enough to look more closely at who they were letting in or voting for. With a 4 vote margin this council seat will surely have to be voted in again. How could the people of Bush Fair tolerate being represented by someone they took on face value to be a valid Conservative?

james nicholson
2022-05-10 16:37:57

The man should resign immediately and allow a more suitable candidate for office to take his place

2022-05-10 18:23:25

The hypocrisy of the Labour Party. Indeed it’s a good thing Mr Lorenzini has quit but labour the party of anti- semitism are no better. Maybe they should sort out their own party first.

2022-05-10 19:20:05

Isn’t it a requirement to serve under the conservatives? Boris leads by example and his out of touch local parties follow.

2022-05-10 19:31:11

Wasn't Mr Corbyn leader of the Labour Party Lewis?

Jamie Gilbert
2022-05-11 06:39:40

Jack, as Lewis is the Green Party Candidate for Staple Tye, I'm not sure quoting Jeremy Corbyn or Labour holds much relevance to him....

Murray Sackwild
2022-05-11 06:51:31

So, a Conservative is racist and some people, above, attack Labour. How bizarre. Just condemn all racism and be pleased that this deeply unpleasant bigot has been outed. No to racists in Harlow.

2022-05-11 08:34:16

What is his history within the Tory party or has he just came out of nowhere.

2022-05-11 09:44:12

Mr. Lorenzini sounds like an upstanding citizen and pillar of society that we need in politics. As they say, when in Rome.

Ken Haylock
2022-05-11 14:04:13

Being real for a moment, nobody vets council candidates properly, especially paper candidates who are there just to get a name on the ballot. But checking people's social media history & what they have deleted recently should be a check box item for local parties, part of qualifying the candidate - failure to do this in this case has wasted a lot of public money that will be spent on a by-election, as well as bought the Tory party into disrepute...

Gillian Stevens
2022-05-11 14:41:34

This is definitely NOT what we expect from a councilman, BUT about what we expect these days from the Conservatives.

Dave M66
2022-05-14 17:00:49

The fiction of Anti-semitism in the Labour Party was a gross campaign with absolutely no evidence. It was was aa case of invent the dirt and then say it enough that people will believe it.The trouble is the Tory part has lied sevenfold but all the lies about Labour in the press and by people in power, are more appealing. It beggars belief that you voted for change but for the same party not once, not twice, but three times. The wheels are still on, only just.

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