Harlow Tories back plans for new council homes in Tye Green Village

News / Tue 21st Jun 2022 at 08:13am

THE Harlow Conservatives have unveiled another council house building scheme, this time in Tye Green Village, Bush Fair.

The bungalows are exclusively for over 55 residents and are designed using cutting edge technology to ensure residents moving in have next to no energy bills to pay.

The scheme is set to be under construction within months, subject to planning approval, and makes up one of the several council housebuilding schemes the Harlow Conservatives are moving forwards.

Bush Fair Councillor and Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Cllr Dan Swords, said: “We promised to build council homes for Harlow families and yet again, we are delivering. This scheme at the Yorkes is exclusively for older residents and will be adapted accordingly meaning we can free up bigger homes for Harlow families.

“This is yet another forgotten corner of our town, that the old Labour Council left vacant for years with no progress but hundreds of thousands of Harlow taxpayers money spent on designs.

“This is why Bush Fair residents should back local resident and doctor Emma Ghaffari to be Bush Fair’s new councillor – because only the Conservatives get things done.

“We will be on site within months – as we pledged to do – because we are getting on with the job of building hundreds of new council homes for Harlow families, of all types and in the right places.”

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23 Comments for Harlow Tories back plans for new council homes in Tye Green Village:

2022-06-21 08:28:17

This has also been ignored by previous Conservative councils as well. Still we must squeeze in as much social housing into the smallest spaces as Councils run in the past by both parties have sold all the land, that could accomodate thousands of potential social housing projects to private developers to build thousands of private housing. As usual those on the waiting list will have to make do with the crumbs passed down from our Lords and masters...

Samantha batt
2022-06-21 08:42:18

Really more house Maybe actual listen people actual shop in town and market U put all house in but the acutely town is no town at all know I hate going up up they they loads coffee shops and hairdressers Maybe actual make town better place

Kim Oconnor
2022-06-21 08:47:32

Yes we need bungalow s for the elderly. Yes we need bungalow s, equipped for disabled people. What you conservatives don't seen to understand is... you will destroy this village and its GREEN BELT. This village will loose its identity of being a village. Why there, ?? This is a lovely village to walk through, right down to nettswell pond. You don't seem to get that your destroying theses walks. You conservatives do the big talk about environment. Its rubbish, what do the locals say about this, or have you even asked them. We all that you conservatives don't listen to public opinions, as we found out from trying to save our river stort, 6,000signatures against this, but you all approved it anyway. You don't seem to get that people are getting sick and tierd of you all destroying out green belt. Sir Frederick Gibberd built this town with green belt in mind. You conservatives say your following his plans, this of course is a LIE. your plans are let's build thousands and thousands of unaffordable housing estates,,, then we will squeeze in the odd few councils houses on green build. Your plans are flawed. Was there even consultation s for this, because if there was we haven't heard of it. And if there's zero bills coming in on theses new property s, you should be doing this for all council property s.

2022-06-21 09:43:19

Well done conservatives, you’ve finally listened to what Harlow Alliance Party have been on about for the last 2 Years about building Bungalows for the over 55s. You can’t claim this as YOUR Idea.

Peter Henegan
2022-06-21 10:09:12

I don't get the idea of building bungalows. Surely they would get more properties on site by building 2 storey houses and provide more space for gardens. I get that as we get older we can get mobility issues so no stairs are useful but they could be built with provision for stair lifts. Still, it is good to see such projects moving

Harlow Man
2022-06-21 10:59:06

I have never ever seen someone contradict themselves more on this oave than Kim O'Connor i I litterly come on here just to see what nonsense she is going to say today one minute theres not enough council homes being built then shes moaning its being built on green belt.

Nicholas Taylor
2022-06-21 11:06:08

Peter, you were obviously never in the housing management business. Bungalows are cheaper to build and are of course cheaper to heat. Even in this town there are many people having to live just on the ground floor of their home . Nationally there is a huge demand for bungalows and credit where credit is due the Council have now listened to HAP and come forward with a scheme suitable for older residents. They should be doing this at the Sherards House site amongst others as well.

2022-06-21 12:15:57

The area that this will be built on is tiny and has always been a subsidence issue. The Tye Green Lodge care home that will be adjacent to this is already requiring underpinning. The removal of the natural drainage ditches has already caused flooding in the nearby houses so I really don't expect this to be a success.

David Carter
2022-06-21 12:40:38

As a local councillor not in power until May 2021 I have been calling for bungalows and other types of properties to suit the elderly since 2008. So it’s not new It first started when elderly people were left alone after families moved out and partners had passed away, leaving them in three bedroom homes with nowhere to move to except small flats in tower blocks So please HAP always behind

Richard Adams
2022-06-21 13:42:36

I am not usually one for crediting the conservatives, but if these bungalows release larger houses in Harlow for Harlow families then I would support it. Excuse me for being a bit cynical but releasing this news two days before the bi election must be a happy coincidence. I note the comments about lack of consultation but the plans have still to go through the planning process so this would be your opportunity to put forward your objections.

Nicholas Taylor
2022-06-21 14:48:21

David Carter, The situation you describe has been going on for decades, but the Council has failed to build suitable homes for older people since the 1980's. I would be pleased to see any election literature from the Conservatives pre HAP raising this issue or indeed any record of you having raised this in a committee meeting. HAP are the only Party which says that every home the Council builds should be for older residents, releasing homes for younger families. Readers may recall just before the elections in May Cllr Carter called me a liar on these pages when I raised the issue of building homes at Pollard Hatch, he said that I was scaremongering. The fact that his Party had agreed such a plan on 24 March seemed to have escaped his notice. Sorry to take a leaf out of Labours book, but never trust a Tory.

Kim Oconnor
2022-06-21 18:53:31

Harlow man,, if you think I contradict my self, then that's your option, all thou, I carnt see where I have. Yes we need theses councils houses, bungalows, bit theses should of been thought of in plans , long before the thousands of housing estates. And now there squeezing them in any little space they can find. If that's contradicting my self ,, then so be it.

David Carter
2022-06-21 19:11:48

When you are not in power sniping from the sidelines you can promise anything But when you discuss things privately in council you do so because you may not be able to do what you want, so you don’t discuss it in the open as people take it as a promise to get it done. As for the stort crossing and the pollards hatch report Me Taylor disappoints me He knows the truth if not it’s a shame to spread rumours that are untrue

Nicholas Taylor
2022-06-21 21:33:12

So David, it has never been your Parties policy to build bungalows, just mentioned in a conversation somewhere, sometime, unlike HAP who actually have a policy up front. Who mentioned the Stort Crossing David? Can you confirm that Pollard Hatch redevelopment is in phase two of the Councils house building programme and an architect has been appointed and set to be built within the next five years or so, or is the report of the 24 March wrong?

David Carter
2022-06-22 07:17:29

Sadly Nick you are so out of touch. Building new homes is part of our policy. We are looking at all types. The most needed are for single younger people who at present have no chance of a council owned property. As for Pollards Hatch this will not be redeveloped As for the Stort crossing read your own leaflets going out in Bush Fair

Nicholas Taylor
2022-06-22 08:05:35

So David, despite being on the Local Plan of December 2020 and on the sites to be developed published by the Tories on 24 March 2022 which indicates that an architect has been employed to draw up a scheme for development, you can assure residents and shopkeepers that this site is no longer going to be developed? Secondly, the Council excludes most single applicants from it's list, building homes for such applicants helps very few. So let me explain, build a bungalow, someone in a 3 bed house moves into it, someone in a 2 bed house moves into the 3 bed, someone in a 2 bed flat moves into the 2 bed house, someone in a 1 bed flat moves into the 2 bed flat and someone, a single person moves into the 1 bed flat. This goes on and on as the bungalow becomes vacant (and cannot be sold), so now you have a constant stream of people being housed. I repeat, HAP are the only Party advocating the building only homes for the elderly. As for the Stort Valley, well your Party did vote to trash the Stort Valley despite 6000 objections and not a single person other than a Tory Councillor speaking in favour of it. It is time that both main Parties started to represent and listen to residents.

Christine Golding
2022-06-22 09:00:11

Having read some of the comments, may I set out the facts re these bungalows. This is a restricted brown field site, a covenant on the site states only supported bungalows may be built ,there were six bungalows originally built in1970.‘S I understand at the same time as Fountains Farm. This has been an ongoing problem to properties adjoining the site for years. A local residents group have been working with our councillors to resolve this, briefly with Mark Ingall and now Dan Swords. These properties are badly needed as I restate that under current law the only type of property permissible. We understand that a replacement screening hedge is proposed on the primrose field side.We are delighted with the outcome, Dan swords has given us a great deal of his time, there are no politics at play here in the village when it come to this issue, we all have strong differing political beliefs, we just worked together as it should be locally. We hope very much this excellent.proposal will be welcomed and supported.

Pat Roberts
2022-06-22 09:34:17

I would totally support what Chris, above says. I am not a Tory, but have been working closely with the Tory councillor Dan Swords over this plan, because it happens to be the Tories who run the council at the mo. My garden runs right down the length of Yorkes and I totally agree with this bungalows for the elderly scheme. It is a brownfield site, where there were elderly peoples bungalows originally until they had to be pulled down due to subsidence. So it is only replacing like for like. It is not green belt, it is a former housing site. Ordinary houses would not be suitable there because they would badly overlook homes in Primrose Field on the other side of the site. There is a huge need for such homes in Harlow so this site would seem ideal. There are some issues on the plans that need tidying up, such as parking, but people can comment on these when the plans are fully published. I live in one of the original old houses in TGV and,am prob as nears to the site as anyone, but would give this scheme my total backing.

Pat Roberts
2022-06-22 09:35:56

Ps whoops, sorry for typos at end …..

David Carter
2022-06-22 11:23:44

Sadly Nick You don’t understand So I will leave it there

Nicholas Taylor
2022-06-22 12:00:54

Sadly David you are trying to pull the wool over residents eyes, either it is in your parties building plans or it is not, so having provided the evidence I will leave it with readers to make up their own minds.

Pat Roberts
2022-06-22 18:55:55

To comment on Dan Swords’ quotes on the Yorkes scheme, I am surprised he has highlighted the imminent Bush Fair by election. This is only being held because the Tory candidate elected only in May resigned within a week of being elected, causing the council to have to organise a second election in the ward within weeks of the last one. Political point scoring to win votes wasn’t needed in this case Dan!

Daniel Long
2022-06-24 15:19:05

What proof do the Tory administration party of Harlow have that the houses that are due to be built in The Green village are for The residents of Harlow and not for outsider who are being moved into Harlow from the likes of London and else where. I think I have a rough idea who is more likely to be housed in them. This is another reason why I spoilt my ballet again yesterday. Because Labour or The Tories of Harlow do not look after the number priority of, who is, the people of Harlow.

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