Plans for 118 new homes in The Stow submitted to Harlow Council

Planning / Wed 27th Jul 2022 at 04:36pm

PLANS for 118 new dwellings in The Stow have been submitted to Harlow Council.

Two years ago, planning permission was granted for 88 homes in what was the service bay area.

Since then, the area has been demolished, clearing away for building, in theory, to begin.

However now, a new planning application has been submitted but this time it will be for 118 homes.

The application states: “Re-development of former service industry bays into a mixed-use development comprising of 118 no. 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments and 507sqm of commercial use with undercroft car parking, mews courtyard, landscaped podium and residential gardens”.

It is anticipated that this will come in front of the planning committee in due course.

For full details of the application, go to Harlow Council’s website and search for HW/FUL/22/00226 on their planning portal.

Details of the previous application are below.

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10 Comments for Plans for 118 new homes in The Stow submitted to Harlow Council:

Nicholas Taylor
2022-07-27 18:00:42

Looks like another example of a new developer trying to cram in even more homes on a small site. To note Cllr Leppard, this site was earmarked for just 70 homes on the Housing Supply document, part of the evidence given to the Planning Inspector. This was raised to 88 following changes to the site plan and now 118. Thus another 48 homes above the Governments housing target set for Harlow. Cllr Swords has never responded to my comment that about 3000 more homes are now already in the pipeline within the boundary of HGGT so there is no need to build some 3000 homes on the Green Belt to the South and West of Harlow.

peter henegan
2022-07-27 18:40:12

I had a look at the planning application on the council website. Lots of documents, including a health assessment which contains some pretty depressing statistics about Harlow and the area around this site. Nicholas Taylor's comments are interesting, as always. I suppose the council are faced with a choice-say no and risk being hammered on costs and perhaps a bomb site, say yes and hope the area isn't filled with people with no real interest in the locality. On a positive, I guess the stow shops will benefit

Moaning murtle
2022-07-27 19:20:36

So the local doctor's surgery which is already struggling, the schools that are already struggling and the hospital that is definitely struggling are going to cooe with another large influx how? You can bet it will not be helping out the housing list of Harlow council and probably some other council instead.

Georgina Choat
2022-07-28 08:36:52

Informative comments- thanks. I agree that Harlow desperately needs more social housing, but also a changed demographic. However, 70, to 88, to 188 sounds far more like a money making opportunity for the house builder, a profit making industry, than a consideration of local impact, and all its facets.

2022-07-28 15:46:56

Clever aren't they, are these the same mob from London that got planning granted for a few houses at square one levelled the place then tried to increase the amount of houses to be built, obviously planning was rejected so now it has been turned into a bomb site of a car park. This is going to happen to the Stow site mark my words.

2022-07-28 17:30:12

Loads of houses with not enough parking Definitely should not be allowed

Neil Warner-Baker
2022-07-28 20:19:28

Turning Service Bays ...or Business hubs as they are now known as... shouldn't be allowed...More people moving into the town and less jobs...talk about shooting the town in the foot....I despair for our Town...total F.U.

2022-07-29 08:01:35

Reject the proposal, buy the land and build council owned council dwellings at genuinely affordable rents. Make them available to the young an old. A prime location for older generation who currently occupy family size dwellings to move near to shops doctors surgery and social amenities in the Stow.

ian Makinson
2022-07-29 13:42:45

We can't keep attracting people to Harlow without the in fatructure to support them. Harlow is a green and pleasant land so let's not spoil that. How about considering those of us who already live here for a change.

Nicholas Taylor
2022-07-29 15:56:03

Paul, you are right, the Council should buy this site and build council homes for older residents, it is an ideal site for such a development. Ian, you are also right, the plans as they stand for the Harlow and Gilston Town that we apparently now live in will see over 20,000 new homes built within a three mile radius of the Town Centre. That will mean at least 30,000 people looking for a job. But with the best will in the world that number of new jobs will never be created in the area, which means even more people will be commuting elsewhere to work, creating more traffic on the towns roads. Even longer waits in A&E are inevitable at the hospital and at doctors surgeries whilst of course. The Council tax paid by the vast majority of the new residents will not reach Harlow Council to improve or maintain services, it goes to the Councils at Epping and East Herts.

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