Harlow Pride chair sets out goals for the future

Communities / Mon 1st Aug 2022 at 08:27am

LAST month. West Essex and Harlow Pride held a march through the town centre as part of a number of initiatives promoted by the newly created organisation.

YH reporter Emilia DeFreitas, went to see organiser James Griggs, to find out more.

How is Harlow Pride going?

“Very well, taken three years due to covid slowing it down. Has a committee running it. Excited for the future, already had one march.”

Is homophobia a large problem in Harlow?

“Wouldn’t want to say that, there’s injustice everywhere and I don’t think Harlow is particularly strong on it. Some parts of the community need to adjust their attitude however not all will be able to. The support from many different types of people is amazing.”

Have you experienced major issues since starting the group?

“Not really, we have a large skill set so all the jobs we’ve needed to get covered have been covered, easing the workload and helping us get more done!”

Main goals?

“Initial reason for setting up the group is because there was no group in Harlow for Pride. It’s apparent that there is a need for support in many ways for people of all ages and as young as 10,11 and 12.”

Does the group do any work with other organisations?

“Teamed up with ‘Mind’ and we work with them to provide and support for younger people. Having a firm of solicitors on board is very useful in helping support with family issues for example in divorce. We have also teamed up with St Claire’s Hospice who have recently started their ‘Living and dying with pride’ campaign which helps people be aware that the hospice is there for all no matter who you are.”

“The organisation is open to all new ideas and it is only as strong as those who engage with it.”

Has your work as a councillor impacted your work with Harlow pride?

“It’s helped open a few doors. As far as I am aware I am the only openly gay councillor in Harlow so I have an obligation to represent people of the LGBT community.

I am also the LGBT representative for the Harlow Labour party however I wish there wasn’t a need for this role as it shouldn’t be unusual or need special treatment.”

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2022-08-04 19:24:39

Some parts of the community need to adjust their attitude ? Who TF is this guy telling people what they NEED ?

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