Harlow and Gilston Garden Town (HGGT) make Essex Housing awards final

General / Tue 2nd Aug 2022 at 09:53am

HARLOW and Gilston Garden Town have been shortlisted at the 2022 Essex Housing Awards, in association with Birketts.

It will be the second time in twelve months that the Garden Town has featured in an awards final having been shortlisted at the Urban Design Awards for work on sustainability guidance.

Following a day of judging by a panel made up of leading practitioners and advisors from across the public and private sector, a record number of entries were discussed, highlighted and deliberated as the final shortlist was drawn up with Harlow & Gilston featuring in the Building Garden Communities category.

The Awards, which recognise high-quality developments, services and or individuals from the public, private and voluntary sector and promote best practice across Essex, will culminate in a glittering Awards Ceremony at Greenwoods Hotel in Ingatestone on November 3.

This year there were twelve categories open to entry, focusing on developments of any size, partnership projects, action to tackle climate change, skills, supporting the recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, and much more.

Mark Curle, Chair of the Essex Developers Group, said: “Once again we’ve seen some exceptionally high-quality nominations and entries for the Essex Housing Awards. It has been a privilege to be able to view all the nominations, which showcases the quality we have in our county’s housing sector.”

Helen McCabe, Chair of the South Essex Housing Group, added: “Congratulations to all shortlisted entries. Regardless of who wins, each shortlisted entry should be proud of their achievements.”

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8 Comments for Harlow and Gilston Garden Town (HGGT) make Essex Housing awards final:

Rat boy
2022-08-02 12:56:59

What an absolute pile of total hypocrisy.The cost of these houses will be out of reach for most working people of Harlow and this development will facilitate the destruction of wildlife habitats across the Stort Valley.HGGT,Birketts and anyone else associated with these awards are in it purely for one reason and that is to oil there own bank balances.It has nothing to do with the design quality of the proposed housing and it has got nothing to do with mitigating the environmental impact of this development.This is about maximising the profits for the developers.People waiting on council house waiting lists do not exist in the eyes of these greedy corrupt people.

2022-08-02 14:53:44

I think you might be surprised how many Harlow residents will be purchasing these properties in the future, as happened with Church Langley and Newhall. The demographics are changing everywhere. Population is increasing and aging, family sizes are in decline and people are starting families later. More higher skilled and qualified people are moving to Harlow, attracted by new specialist firms setting up here and our strategic location. Harlow still represents comparative value in terms of property prices, but the price gap with our neighbouring districts is closing. Many people are attracted by the chance to purchase a modern home in a new community of people in similar circumstances and with modern facilities and infrastructure. I think their will be no lack of demand. We have seen this in Newhall and Gilden Way areas. My own family sold up in Mark Hall to move to Newhall and are very happy there. Much demand will be for two bedroom properties and even one bedroom for older people.

2022-08-02 16:36:41

Rat Boy... Thank you for saying.. Exactly how it is.

2022-08-02 17:26:02

It is indeed all about the money.

2022-08-02 18:03:46

In reply to Caroline's comment, I pick up on you saying, that More higher qualified people are moving to Harlow. I'm not disagreeing with that, but as you said they are moving to Harlow. So they are people who are coming into the town from outside. If that is the case, then it means that less of the people here on the housing list will have a chance of getting a house. Once again there are no plans to offer the majority of the new development to our own people, who will get forgotten. And there will only be a token offering of affordable housing.

Rebecca Thomson
2022-08-02 18:04:31

Developers would not build houses if there were no demand. Just look at how properties were snapped up in Church Langley, Newhall (still ongoing) and more recently in Gilden Way. There is clearly demand. The Council is building more social housing on land it owns or can acquire for a reasonable price. It is natural that people want to own their home and have a stake in their communities.

2022-08-02 18:36:00

It's a little ironic that much of HGGT proposed development will lie in Hertfordshire. This award smells of the developers' cronies rewarding colleagues to reinforce HGGT's efforts. The award ceremony, of course, will take place in a very nice hotel....Where is an example of a proposed house? No doubt there is a housing shortage for those that can afford to buy at market prices. There is an enormous deficit of housing below market price for people struggling in private rented property or homeless - of which there are many in Harlow. 'Sustainable', an over-used 'green-wash' word, means very little until analysed....

Kim Oconnor
2022-08-03 09:10:04

Very well said Rat boy. I'd like to remind people that there is over 5OOO people waiting on the so called waiting list in Harlow a lone. Theses people will not be able to buy, if that was case , the numbers would not be so high. This housing list should be addressed first and foremost. But it's all about greed and profit. Just want to add I love the way they add things like garden town Like wellbeing Like plant a tree Like only following sir Frederick Gibberd s plans. This of course is complete lies. There destroying our wellbeing by destroying our green spaces. Sir Frederick Gibberd planned this town with green spaces in mind. You can plant a tree, but it's the old ones we need now. This so called GARDEN TOWN, Is a concrete monstrosity. Carnt even leave our river stort valley a lone. Shame on you.

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