GCSE Results: Passmores Academy students rise to the challenges and celebrate fantastic results

Education: Secondary / Thu 25th Aug 2022 at 02:29pm

PASSMORES Academy’s annual press release regarding exam results would normally be full of individual names and grades showing how well they have performed.

However, the last few years have impacted on each of our young people differently; some have lost close relatives, had to isolate several times and/or had challenges with mental health. Despite all of this we are absolutely delighted that the exam performance across the school was even better than the results from before the pandemic and it was a joy to see student after student celebrating that they got more than they needed.

Today is a day that we celebrate the resilience, hard work and perseverance of all the young people getting their results. It is now clearer than ever that working in partnership is the best way forward. Therefore, we are grateful to the parents/carers that worked with us in the best interests of their children and will always remember this year group for everything we went through together.

Family comes in many forms and whilst we are sad to be saying goodbye to this year group, we know that they will come and visit to share their future successes. Here is an excerpt from the letter our students received alongside their results:

“It goes without saying that these results are vital to your next step in life but they are not all that you are. Your ability to support and care for other people; the way that you function in a team; how you communicate; your ability to love and be loved, etc, will impact not only on what you achieve but also who you are. Many of you will go on to use the knowledge, skills and talents you have acquired during the last few years to do amazing things. We are proud of you and our journey together and we ask that when you are starring in the West End or have your first art exhibition or start up your own business or go off to university or get the job you have always wanted or land the apprenticeship of your dreams, that you let us know.”

Congratulations to the young people of Passmores Academy and Harlow for everything they’ve achieved.

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