Harlow woman to undertake sky dive as part of campaign to being Knife Angel to Harlow

Communities / Thu 15th Sep 2022 at 06:42am

A HARLOW woman is set to undertake a skydive as part of charity fundraising in order to help bring a Knife Angel to Harlow.

Allison Melaugh will be dong to dive just outside Peterborough on Saturday.

Afterwards, there will be a charity raffle at the Purple Emperor pub (off Momples Road).

Followed by live music from Delicia Wilson.

The Angel will arrive in Harlow early September 2023. For 30 days people from all over the country are welcome to visit.

Workshops, mini shows and talks will be held. Schools will be invited to get involved to help educate the young.

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1 Comment for Harlow woman to undertake sky dive as part of campaign to being Knife Angel to Harlow:

2022-09-15 08:30:41

Alison, skydiving for this cause is a tremendously generous, brave and selfless act on your part. You and all those who are helping to make this visit possible are heroes. The question remains why is it necessary for people to throw themselves out of aircraft to fund the visit and campaign? Where's the high vis high impact government campaign and actions to combat knife crime, the causes of such crimes and the provision of proven social and economic interventions including youth clubs, alternative ways of getting employment / education, generating more employment opportunities and the alleviation of disadvantage and poverty. The underlying problems must be tackled and the answer isn't simply ramping up policing, imposing harsher sentences and sending people to underfunded prisons that have extremely limited scope to turn lives around.

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