Harlow residents queue for hours to pay their respects to The Queen (but the memories will last a lifetime)

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AS YOU know, thousands upon thousands of people, from the United Kingdom and around the world, have been queuing for up to 24 hours in order to pay their respects to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

So, we have asked if anyone from Harlow has queued up, and if so, why?

Here are a few of the responses.

Paul Duggin is a Navy veteran. He is quiet and modest man who is proud to have served his country.

On his Facebook page is a simple message: “Honoured to have served you Ma’am”


Not too far behind Paul, in the queue was Michelle Talbot.

Michelle said: “Why did I do it? I did it for me. To be a part of the proceedings

To pay my respects to the only Queen who I will ever know

“And lastly but the main reason, for my Mum!

She was obsessed with the Queen all her life till she passed at 89 last November.

“Mums other great obsession ‘Paddington Bear’. It all morphed into one, hence why I had to go.

“One day out of my life was all it took and we partnered up with a gorgeous lot from start to finish. Three ladies who came on their own and a mother and daughter.

“We supported, protected and pulled people through when they were thinking of pulling out due to fear of missing their last train.

“This was a say (and a night), I shall never forget”


Kathryn Blackley: “On Thursday evening, I queued for 8.5 hours to pay my respects to the Queen.

After 25,000 steps, at 2.20am this morning I was able to curtsy and say ‘thank you’ to the Queen.

The mood in the queue was patient and one of community. I got chatting to a couple of girls behind me in the queue. And we then chatted and walked for the next six hours  

When you entered the Great Hall the mood was peaceful, calm and serene, with an aura of reverence. 


Claire Evans: “My daughter and I travelled on Thursday to pay our respects.

“We got in the queue at Bermondsey at 18:15. We got to see the Queen at 2:45 am.

There was a great atmosphere. The worst bit was the queue outside Westminster as it just snaked round for three hours!

“Glad I did is something. I will remember this for the rest of my life.


Tammy Causton: “My sister and I queued from Thursday into Friday to pay our respects.

“It was the anniversary of losing our own dear mum who along with our Nan was very fond of Queen Elizabeth.

“Without doubt, they would have loved to pay their respects too. It was such an emotional experience and worth every step. Our condolences to all the Royal Family. Tammy Causton

The “queue” alone will have its own big part of history. No doubt a record breaker.

We don’t know if monarchs to follow will ever have such a huge queue. After 70 years, the Queen touched so many with both her longevity and her persona.

“I’m proud of every single person who felt that calling and joined the queue.

“I feel for those who it just wasn’t possible to do. It is a memory for life being in that queue and being able get so close to give a bow or a curtsy to a queen who gave so much.”


Lucy McWilliam: “I went last night with my friend. It was very surreal and very emotional.

“We met a lovely group of people from all over the place, near and far who stayed with us the whole way round.

“For nine hours we kept each other going with snacks and wine and lovely stories.

“We joined the queue just before 7 pm Thursday evening and got into Westminster Hall to pay our respects to the late Queen Elizabeth Il at just after 4am 

“We will never forget this experience and the lovely people we met along the way.”


Kerry Hester: We visited the Queen lying in state on Thursday. I took my children as we wanted to pay our respects as well as witness a truly historical event.

The silence and feeling as you entered the hall was amazing.

“Such a magical but emotional day”.


Suzanne Morris: “We travelled to see The Queen on Friday September 16th.

We queued for twelve hours. It was all worth it.

“We even managed to see the Changing of the Guard.

“We will treasure the memories for ever.”


Melanie Carter: “I queued to see The Queen on Friday.

“This was a truly amazing experience. It really was worth the fifteen hour wait.


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