Queues of ambulances outside Princess Alexandra Hospital as cases of Covid and winter illness increase

News / Thu 6th Oct 2022 at 08:16pm

THERE were long queues of ambulances outside Princess Alexandra Hospital on Thursday afternoon as pressure mounts on the NHS.

Staff were deployed to turn traffic away from one entrance and a red barrier was also put in place at the main entrance.

Stephanie Lawton, chief operating officer at the Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust, said: “We are currently experiencing an extremely high demand on our emergency department, including as a result of an increase in COVID-19 cases in our community and winter illnesses. Our dedicated teams continue to work hard to assess, treat and admit patients and ensure that those who are well enough can leave hospital and return home.

“We are continuing our work with local health and social care partners to support patients with the right care, in the right place, at the right time. We encourage patients to call 111 for advice about which service is best for their needs.”

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11 Comments for Queues of ambulances outside Princess Alexandra Hospital as cases of Covid and winter illness increase:

2022-10-06 20:35:52

In a hospital where i work recently patients are waiting for bed 30 hours and its not even a winter pressure yet. Look after yourself and your family guys( good diet vitamins, exercise etc), and stay safe 🙏

2022-10-06 20:53:28

A elderly relative had to wait 12 hours for an ambulance after falling at home this week. Then had to wait a similar amount of time in the ambulance and on a trolley in a corridor. It’s not the fault of the staff, and there are many factors causing the problems, but years of crippling underfunding by the Government over the last 12 years has brought our NHS to its knees.

2022-10-06 20:58:40

Here we go, same every year. If it wasn't Covid now Flu and Covid. 3 years ago it was Colds and Flu. Covid is no different to a cold. So get a life and move on. Covid is going nowhere!

2022-10-06 23:14:41

My daughter (1 year old) had to go to A&E last weekend, and nothing like a queue or even any delays for ambulances... Never saw more than 1 ambulance at the A&E entrance...

Tony Durcan
2022-10-07 08:46:13

Can we please reflect on some comments made about this issue. Many Harlow residents are still suffering the impact of Long Covid. Many are still grieving the sudden loss of loved ones due to Covid. We in the nursing family have lost work colleagues due to Covid. Many people lost jobs. It’s serious and it not just like getting a cold. Many of us were lucky but sad others were not. Flu can kill so please get your vaccination. Covid did kill so please take up the booster when offered. The NHS can look after you but prevention is better. Stay safe and please reflect before you send any reply.

Dearest Ron....
2022-10-07 09:33:55

Ron you utterly disgusting human. Covid is not just like a cold.... tell that to the children that lost their parents way before they should have. To the parents burying their children. To the children having to say goodbye to their parents too early. To all the loved ones whos family members were taken too soon by this horrible illness. Only when you loose someone from it will you truly understand this is NOT just a cold!!!!! Have a look at the covid wall in London and then tell us all again that it's just a cold!!

Kay Morrison
2022-10-07 10:38:24

I can testify that Covid is not a cold or anything like it. I've been very ill for well over a week, experiencing all the symptoms you've heard about, just about, desperately worried about infecting others: covid had at last got me in its very nasty grip. I'm still unwell but I'm one of the lucky ones. So many people died from covid, in isolation. So many casualties and so many broken hearts. The NHS may have been undermined and underfunded for the last 12 years but the staff are still doing their phenomenal best to keep the show on the road, to keep people alive. They're just amazing. See you all when I eventually emerge.

2022-10-07 12:03:13

The current problem is caused by bed blocking, which is due to a chaotic and underfunded social care system.

2022-10-07 13:56:25

I really feel for the staff they are under pressure 24/7 under staffed under paid for what they do .yes you have the genuine people who have serious health issues which need to be dealt with then you have the time wasters who could easily go to a local chemist for advice to treat minor issues that way hospital doctors and nurses can deal with patients who are in genuine need of help that way ambulance crews would be able to drop of patients more quickly as beds in A@E wouldn't be taken up by the time wasters who take up valuable time of A@E staff. So little message for the time wasters with minor issues go to your local chemist for advice and leave the hospital staff to deal with more serious matters

2022-10-07 14:15:51

Iv got covid at this present time after coming back from aboard something which iv avoided in the uk for well over two years by wearing face masks and using hand liquid and this covid has completely knocked it out of me plus having other serious health issues as well certainly don't help there's been a time this week where I could have called a ambulance to take me to A@E for treatment but iv dealt with it in my own way with out putting hospital staff at risk of infection and also putting a strain on ambulance crews. There's certainly not any thing nice about this covid iv got a sore throat headache serious pains in my feet legs where iv hardly been unable to stand plus wanting to be sick also dizzy spells where the room is just spinning. So yes genuine people with serious issues go to A@E Time wasters grow a pair go to your local chemist and stop wasting hospital time .

2022-10-07 15:28:58

It is no more than a bad cold if you have had you vaccinations. You tell me how many died of Covid, and I mean OF, not on the death certificate with something else. Then tell me how many die of Flu EVERY year and when no one was wearing a mask, and who put me in hispital, with no one 'batting an eye lid' Hypacrites!!

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