NHS bosses say lack of clarity over Government’s ’40 hospitals project’ is ‘sapping staff morale’

Politics / Fri 7th Oct 2022 at 11:38am

NHS leaders have called on the Government to clarify the amount of money budgeted for new hospitals following i’s report that Boris Johnson’s manifesto pledge to build 40 new ones by 2030 is in danger of being scaled back. reports INEWS

Since the policy was unveiled in 2019, it has been much scrutinised following accusations that the former Prime Minister’s team embellished the number of entirely new hospitals set to be built.

And newly released minutes from an NHS England meeting held on Thursday disclosed that a full budget still hasn’t been set by the Government for the project, further stoking frustrations within NHS trusts over its future.

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4 Comments for NHS bosses say lack of clarity over Government’s ’40 hospitals project’ is ‘sapping staff morale’:

gary roberts
2022-10-07 13:37:37

Lack of clarity, scaling back: Really? No the "new" hospitals BS was just a ruse to deceive the electorate. It was a lie repeated by the Conservatives over many years in order to suggest the "jam tomorrow" theory. Sadly for many it worked! Will it work next time Mr. Halfon comes calling? I hope not.

Tony Durcan
2022-10-07 14:33:01

Sadly I feel we have to accept the commitments made by the MP on his election manifesto were untrue and he knew that at the time. He had never secured funding for the new or even upgraded PAH site. The current government have made a clear statement to find savings and I suspect the brand new PAH funding will be in these saving. If they need to cut budgets then they are not going to commit to new ones.. We need a honest conversation not anymore false promises. We should also be worried about the town centre funding as well.

David Forman
2022-10-08 20:40:44

Tony Durcan is wrong to say Halfon knew his election manifesto promise of a new hospital was untrue at the time. If Durcan read the iNews reports he would have gathered that things have changed due to Liz Truss. On October 5 the iNews said: "With Truss prioritising tax cuts over investment, it’s likely that the plans will have to be scaled back." Therefore, Gary Roberts and Tony Durcan should do the honourable thing and apologize for their libellous statements.

gary roberts
2022-10-09 16:25:11

Mr. Forman do me a favour. I am not talking about the last month because Truss has been a minister since 2012 and in the cabinet since 2014 and has agreed every manifesto commitment since then. Mr. Halfon and the rest stood on those manifestos. The electorate were told they would get a new hospital in Harlow. So if they are not getting that manifesto commitment then they deserve a general election for Ms. Truss to get a new mandate. I would hope you could explain any comment I have made that is libelous or indeed wrong.

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