Plans for new council homes off Minchen Road in Harlow

News / Mon 10th Oct 2022 at 08:32am

PLANS for new council housing off Minchen Road is set to go before the council planning committee.

The proposal seeks the demolition of the existing garage blocks on site to facilitate the
erection of 6 x 2-bedroom terraced Council Houses with associated landscaping,
alongside erection of a new garage block within the frontage of the site, addressing
Minchen Road.

The dwellings would be two storeys in scale and would be located within
the northern section of the site, with the frontages addressing Blackbush Spring. 18 x car
parking spaces would be provided within the existing hardstanding area, alongside a
prominent single storey dual-pitched gable-end structure that would house four garages
and a relocated bin store alongside a bike store for the Woodleys tower residents.

It is understood that the development would provide 1 car parking space for each of the
proposed dwellings, with the other 16 parking spaces within the site allocated to the
existing residents of the 16 flats within Woodleys Tower.

The agent has indicated that the parking area will be signed as being ‘residents parking only’, with a permit scheme put in place to allocate one permit per dwelling, including the existing units in Woodleys Tower.


There have been a large number of objections.

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4 Comments for Plans for new council homes off Minchen Road in Harlow:

Angela Lynch
2022-10-10 10:23:23

It is interesting the agent has indicated to the press that the area will be signed up as Resident Parking. It was made clear to me a decision had not been made whether this was allocated parking. It was also clarified that no decision had bee made with regard to public use of the EV points. This area could and should have been utilised for parking. Getting cars off Minchen Road should be a priority. The reason it has become derelict is the deliberate actions of the council to not repair or rent the garages out for a substantial number of years. At least 14 vehicles including work vans use this area where will they park. Parking on Minchen Road is horrendous. No bus can go down Minchen Road without risking damaging the cars parked up. Tunnmeade you can not drive through cars parked both sides. You cannot turn out of Minchen Road without risking an accident with cars parked both sides and on the bends.

2022-10-10 11:38:10

Nice. Less parking, more cares. What could go wrong. Build housing on allotments next?

2022-10-10 14:17:45

More cars

2022-10-12 04:59:34

One car parking space are you kidding, definitely should not be allowed. Side roads are congested enough without you adding to the situation. The Council cannot agree to this then moan about cars parking, it is already a problem for people in wheelchairs, disability scooters and people with pushchairs to walk on paths now.

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