Over the border: Stortford MP meets residents over new quarry at Briggens Estate

Politics / Thu 27th Oct 2022 at 12:29pm

HERTFORD and Stortford MP Julie Marson has met with 200 Stanstead Abbotts residents to support their opposition to a new quarry at Briggens Estate.

Mrs Marson joined with the chairman of the parish council Mike Dormon and local councillor Julia Davies for the meeting earlier this month at St Andrew’s Church in the village.

Hertfordshire County Council is looking to formulate a new Minerals and Waste Local Plan. Part of the plan earmarks a new quarry.

In the summer, Mrs Marson wrote to 1,800 residents in Stanstead Abbotts about this part of the plan. She urged all residents to take part in a county council consultation on the proposals.

“I was pleased to have the chance to speak at the packed meeting of residents to voice my strong opposition to any quarry at Briggens Estate,” the MP said.

“The draft waste and minerals plan produced by Hertfordshire County Council is deeply flawed. I will support residents in Parliament and in consultation with the county council wherever I can.

“I have already applied for a debate on the issue in Parliament and will continue to support residents and the parish council in their opposition to the quarry.

“This area already has enough development to cope with. It was clear residents felt strongly this quarry would add to HGV traffic and disruption to their community.”

Residents have set up a Stop the Quarry fund to oppose the plans.

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3 Comments for Over the border: Stortford MP meets residents over new quarry at Briggens Estate:

2022-10-27 19:02:38

Perhaps I am thick but won't the Harlow North Town, in Hertfordshire, and the new Stort crossing, mostly in Hertfordshire, require the sort of materials that will be dug out of this new quarry. And won't such materials be transported by HGV.4 So does Julie Marson support these developments or only with the proviso all the materials come through Harlow

David Forman
2022-10-28 09:37:09

And of course none of the offspring of the good shire Tories will be seeking lorry driver jobs. But they don't mind limiting the job opportunities for other people.

2022-10-28 09:50:01

There's plenty of hgv jobs a begging so no need to increase hgv traffic or decimate the environment or push hgv traffic through Harlow or build the Eastern Crossing: a raised road that's being built mainly to spare East Herts Gilston estate residents the HGV traffic at the detriment of Harlow and that's going to damage the ecology of our Stort Valley. Save Our Stort

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