Five Acres homeowners: “Harlow Council is treating us like second class citizens”

News / Sat 5th Nov 2022 at 07:36am

THE HOMEOWNERS of Five Acres are not giving up.

They have been coming to Harlow Council meetings all year with question after question after question.

On Thursday night, they returned once more.

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1 Comment for Five Acres homeowners: “Harlow Council is treating us like second class citizens”:

John Spencer
2022-11-06 06:11:05

How can these councillors get away with dumping a new giant block's bin shed right outside my living room, only view? They don't send out any plans or be at all honest about what they're up to as the council are still telling me it's wheelies and bin cages. Yet I've seen them with their tape measure out up to 7 foot high and Councillor Lemay stated he wants to closed down the upstairs chute. That means some 40 homes will be dumpingn rubbish on my living room. Look Mercers up on google earth, 3 blocks off rubbish coming my way, with my living room walled up, talk about claustrophobia. What right-thinking folk does that to someone? This isn't just the destruction of 49 Mercers, it's inhumane torture. The place will be a massive eyesore pain tip site. Just so the bin men can treat the place life a tower block and do one pick up. I get the world dumping on me, and I only do 3 bags or rubbish a fortnight. This is insane monstering, degrading. But as I'm a council flat tenant, they can get away with it. Where's the fairness and justice and treating folk like human beings and heaven forbid treating homes like homes first and not tip sites? Even since the council got HTS it's been bin men dominated over the actual the rent, rate payer, and the town trashed and degraded. 2nd? Last Class citizens, more like.

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