More than 3,000 offensive tweets sent to MPs every day

Politics / Wed 9th Nov 2022 at 12:05pm

MORE than 3,000 offensive tweets are sent to UK Members of Parliament every day, a BBC investigation into the extent of online abuse has found reports the BBC.

Analysis of three million tweets aimed at MPs over a six-week period found more than 130,000, around one in 20, could be classed as toxic.

MP Jess Phillips says the level of abuse has created an unsustainable culture where politicians are afraid to speak their mind on important issues.

Harlow MP Robert Halfon has faced a great deal of abuse on Twitter.

A man has admitted sending a tweet in which he said he would “love to shoot” an MP in the head.


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1 Comment for More than 3,000 offensive tweets sent to MPs every day:

2022-11-10 12:04:21

It is a sad state of the times where just because you disagree with something, it’s seen as acceptable to resort to threats, name calling and violence. Is social media the problem or just merely a vehicle? I don’t think political parties have helped themselves. It’s not a battle or a war, yet all they do is attack each other…even if something is a good idea or worked well, they’ll never give credit. We all want the same things more or less but have different ways of going about it and getting there. Just because it’s different it isn’t bad…yet we’ve become so polarised. While the abuse is unacceptable, MPs have to take responsibility for their own behaviour in parliament and at elections and stop this us vs them. It’s doing it this way or that way…

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