Netteswell Labour councillor backs Labour’s health and transport plans

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OVER the last few months, the Labour Party have been setting out their stance on a vast number of policy areas (see bottom of page).

Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour Party have been very clear on how they will pay for each policy pledge.

YH has asked a number of Labour councillors, to pick a policy (or two) and tell us why they think it is important.

Firstly, Netteswell councillor, James Griggs


Labour has pledged to tackle ‘one of the most urgent needs of our time’.

The provision of treatment for Mental Health issues is a subject very close to my heart having experienced it at close quarters in my own family.

At present the NHS provides an amazing first response in emergency situations but after the first 48hrs of attention it can be an extremely long wait for further treatment. For far too many people this wait is disastrous to their long term health with some waiting in excess of 18 months for a Psychiatry appointment.

The stigma of having Mental 

Health issues is still, for many, a deterrent to seeking help. The provision of Mental Health Hubs for children and young people in every community, alongside providing specialist support in every school, will be a fantastic start to providing early intervention with the aim of resolving or managing problems before they escalate.

Labour also has a plan for dealing with adult patients by guaranteeing treatment will commence within a month of a referral.

As someone who has seen first hand the impact of mental health issues, not only to the patient but also to their loved ones, these plans cannot come fast enough.


5000 bus routes have been cut nationwide by the Conservative Government.

Buses provide a vital link for our communities, with the poorest in society using them most.

Labours plan will allow communities to take the power to create their own bus routes and fares and allow them to set up their own local bus companies. This reform will allow local authorities to provide or reinstate bus services where they are much needed.

As a Netteswell Councillor I am acutely aware of the impact the loss of bus routes has on the local community. The loss of the daytime bus on Maddox Road has left many residents, particularly the elderly and less mobile, with limited access to the town centre. This not only has a financial implications but can lead to loneliness, social isolation and impact on their mental health.

Residents in St Michael’s Close, Fenner Brockway House, Greenhills,
The Downs, Long Ley and others have all told me of their disappointment and frustration at losing this bus service and of the increased costs of having to rely on taxis, I will continue to push for its reinstatement.

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5 Comments for Netteswell Labour councillor backs Labour’s health and transport plans:

David Forman
2022-11-15 13:46:00

Cllr Griggs should know that under a Labour government I saw an ever changing psychiatrist for 20 minutes once every 6 weeks at the Derwent Centre. One psychiatrist even sat in front of me filing his nails and wrote a load of cobblers in my notes. A Labour government failed to provide me with the mental health care I needed. Thankfully, a car accident allowed me to get proper care in the private sector.

2022-11-15 16:36:04

I know that local control of bus routes was something that labour promoted last time round but of course Laura was not successful. It does seem absurd that many parts of Harlow do not have easy access to Stansted buses, conversely those with easy access to Stansted can't get to Epping easily. Bus companies seem to have little interest in local discussions/improvements

2022-11-16 10:04:51

If someone breaks a leg or gets ill with food poisoning or needs antibiotics treatment, even in these times when the nhs has been run into the ground, is pretty swift, the consequences of mental illness can be as disastrous as leaving the physical illnesses untreated yet even getting to see a specialist, a diagnosis and treatment takes years. It's serious, not only does this create enormous stress and damage to individuals, their families, and society the cost to the country is many times greater than the government building up the services in the first place. However this strategy of kicking development down the road is typical shortermist thinking of uk governments, eg energy: it was obvious that the uk should work to become energy secure and independent when North Sea oil was discovered. We knew then that it wouldn't last forever and some of the wealth generated then should have been invested in growing a hydrogen economy. The opportunity was lost and we bought LPG and uranium from other countries whilst cutting our storage capacity and building more nuclear reactors from France that cost 5 times more than alternative energy now, as the French are finding, don't work and won't be built until 2040.

2022-11-16 12:39:03

Frank Gibberd created a solid town plan encompassing future growth. All we had to do is follow the plan, but hey no, smaller minded people thought they knew better, and here we are. This is just an example of what is happening all through our society. Tomorrow the gov will publish a budget, and things will get much worse, because a lot of middle income and small businesses will just give up. When( if you know how to work the system, and your circumstances tick the right boxes)you can claim more than the national average wage on benefits, then something has gone very wrong indeed. If you pay basic rate tax then £48.5 is collected in tax and NI for every £100 you earn. Something is very wrong. 40000 people and counting have crossed the channel this year in rubber boats and we can do nothing about it. Something is very wrong. What has happened to the big thinkers, where are the strong leaders we need. When will the penny drop?

2022-11-16 14:04:51

Frederick Gibberd. I am blameimg the spell checker

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