Harlow housing boss sacked in wake of Five Acres repairs debacle

Politics / Wed 16th Nov 2022 at 01:43pm

THE senior councillor in charge of housing at Harlow Council has been sacked following the decision to halt repair plans to flats in Five Acres.

Councillor Simon Carter had been the portfolio holder for housing since May 2021. Before the Tories took Harlow Council, he was the shadow portfolio holder and was known for his forensic analysis and attention to detail.

But it looks like he has paid the price for the fact that the long dispute between leaseholders and Harlow Council has ended (for now) with a halt to all plans for repair.

According to the council website, the housing portfolio is being overseen by the deputy leader, cllr Dan Swords.

This is the third senior Conservative councillor to leave his position in the fourteen months. The leader of Harlow Council, Andrew Johnson was replaced by Russell Perrin. The deputy leader of Harlow Council, Joel Charles was replaced by Dan Swords.

The chief executive of Harlow Council, Brian Keane left earlier this year. Interviews for his replacement take place later this week.

The functions of the Housing Portfolio Holder are being covered by the Leader and/or Deputy Leader until a Portfolio Holder is appointed.

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13 Comments for Harlow housing boss sacked in wake of Five Acres repairs debacle:

Eira Barrett
2022-11-16 14:48:42

It's about time they got rid of him. 😡😡

View from Afar
2022-11-16 15:12:31

I’m not surprised he’s lasted this long. I wrote to him once and he said he was too busy to reply to my query!

David Forman
2022-11-16 17:42:17

The Editor of YourHarlow is absolutely correct when he says of Cllr Simon Carter that he is "known for his forensic analysis and attention to detail". I will be sorry to see Cllr Carter leave Cabinet and wish him the best of good luck for the future.

2022-11-16 18:43:48

Still waiting for windows to be replaced in Longbanks, came out a few years ago to say we will do them but nothing

gary roberts
2022-11-16 18:47:05

Mr. Forman what do you actually know about Cllr. Simon Carter as a politician? What has he achieved as a councillor over his many years in both power and opposition?

Peter linden
2022-11-16 20:42:15

Blame will be thrown around. Harlow is falling apart. More austerity coming tomorrow, because the tories have spent and wasted all the money. But it must be said all councils waste money.

Bernadette clark
2022-11-17 02:28:20

dear sir madam harlow working with the quarry sector and gibbs the metal demolishers could surely direct you to safe contractors working with what you have opportunity to rejuvenate toward the production lines of hallows finest production factory lines and in london were you have great relations with steal and co it also builders merchants rather than use small contractors who could be fed further lines of production workthere selves from a rejuvinted cv rather than making do with botched workmanship although i dare say thats what is happening why don't the government give Harlow the budgets to seek out such production early years cvs of workmanship on harlows cv iests it then may slow down activisium on the cscs card that qualificationed personel may be quickly leading further employment and cost effective work. think tanker

2022-11-17 09:36:57

BC, wtf is that about.

2022-11-17 09:57:05

BC- a lesson in good english would help people understand exactly what you meant!

Elisa Deanna Larch
2022-11-17 13:14:32

Full stop. Lol Breathe 🤦‍♀️

David Forman
2022-11-17 15:32:25

Gary Roberts, as you well know I have frequently attended Cabinet and Council meetings over the years including asking questions. My views on Councillor Simon Carter are based on evidence and witnessing him in action. Lefty toy town revolutionaries like yourself Roberts should try using evidence instead of hot air.

gary roberts
2022-11-17 17:31:18

Again Mr. Forman your intended insults destroy any arguments you make. I asked you two questions and it appears you haven't any answers, sadly. Perhaps when you decide to answer those questions I might decide to share my insight and knowledge on this issue. On second thoughts I might not! I hate the fact that you believe that trying to insult people will make your comments credible: They do not and never will.

Court Harris
2022-11-17 21:10:28

Oh, the councillor that decided to look me up on the electoral role, illegally, as he didn't like a comment I made on Facebook! Then when I complained to the relevant person, he wouldn't do anything, without revealing my identity to who I was complaining about!

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