Tumble dryer fire in High Street Roydon

News / Thu 24th Nov 2022 at 08:23am

FIRE Crews were called to a house in High Street, Roydon, in the early hours of this morning (Wednesday 23 November) after a couple realised there was a fire at the back of their home. 

The fire had started from a tumble dryer, which was located in an outside cupboard, and then spread to the back of the house and the roof. 

Firefighters worked to bring the fire under control and extinguished it by 1.35am. 

Watch Manager Mark Curtis, Harlow Fire Station, said:

“We know people run appliances such as tumble dryers, washing machines and dishwashers at night for a number of reasons. It may be because they’re busy during the day or think it’s cheaper to use electricity at night. 

“But it’s simply not worth taking the risk. If you’re asleep when a fire starts you’re far more likely to be seriously injured or worse. 

“Run these appliances before you go to bed to stay as safe as possible.”

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4 Comments for Tumble dryer fire in High Street Roydon:

Robert Warner
2022-11-24 18:48:54

if these appliances to be used daytime or other surely its a manufacters problem and more safety checks are needed

2022-11-24 20:18:00

Common sense is needed, dont run it late at night not the manufacturers fault at all

2022-11-25 00:47:19

Mike- we are about to be told, in a televised campaign from the government, how to use our appliances. If a tumble dryer has a setting, that setting should end. We are advised to use appliances at night and set those appliances r timers. Dishwashers haven, washing machines have them, coffee machines have the…. SO DO TUMBLE DRYERS. How is it the fault of the owner? We are currently advised to use appliances at night. Surly a company like “boosh” or “hoover” had night safety in mind? Your comment is ludicrous.

2022-11-26 00:47:21

It's common sense, something like a tumble dryer which can catch fire really easily shouldn't be left on unless you are awake , leaving a tumble dryer on overnight is crazy in my opinion

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