Brexit: Success or failure: How is it going for you and the 29,000 that voted for it in Harlow?

Politics / Sun 27th Nov 2022 at 01:01pm

BACK in June 2016, 29,602 Harlow residents voted for Brexit.

There was a 73.5% turnout.

There were many reasons for voting to Leave.

Many did not want to be “ruled” by Brussels. Many felt that they would be better off.

Many just wanted to make a point. Many just wanted to have a go and see how it went.

The next day, Sky News went to Hackney (68% Remain) and Harlow (68% Leave).

In an interview with a woman in an Old Harlow cafe,, she told them that she voted Leave because: “I don’t want to be with all the other people.

“I just want to be amongst…us”

That is just one person out of 29,602.

How that lady feels about the 25,000 non-UK born residents now living in this town would be interesting (and don’t even mention the Huguenots, Jutes and Vandals). A 10% increase since 2011.

However, let is go forward to November 2022.

Harlow MP Robert Halfon told us last year that Brexit is going really well. We will be asking how he feels it is going now. Here is an interview from 2018.

But how do you feel it is going?

Are you still hopeful that we will be saving £350 million a week that would go to the NHS?

If you recall a big red bus rolled into the Market Square in Harlow in 2016. We interviewed MP Ian Duncan Smith there.

He was joined by (among others) Conservative councillor Andrew Johnson and leader of the Harlow Alliance Party, Nick Taylor.

Councillor Johnson is now chair of Harlow Council (a civic role that requests neutrality) and so we will not approach him until after May 2023.

And in many ways, many Labour and Conservative councillors kept their heads down. The then leader of Harlow Council, Jon Clempner voted Remain and was quite clear on his reasons for doing so.

As did a lot of community leaders from business, education and health.

So did George Osborne when we interviewed him in Harlow.

It would be interesting to see what you think?

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17 Comments for Brexit: Success or failure: How is it going for you and the 29,000 that voted for it in Harlow?:

2022-11-27 16:11:55

Immigration has still not been sorted out, we are still being swamped (which is why most voted for Brexit). So not it is not a success. This needs addressing ASAP

I’ll do that Billy
2022-11-27 18:57:05

Blooming hell!, a consummate disaster. As all the level headed/humble, reasonable knew it would be all along. Only the rabid DM reading crazy gang thought they could take us back to a 1950s utopia that never existed. Set us back at least twenty year’s maybe even longer. Stuffed all the future’s of their grandchildren, well done. Just saying.

2022-11-27 19:18:44

Haha a typical left wing respsonse from Billy! No lets stay tied to the EU and have our laws and rules written for us (human rights laws keeping criminals in this country as were not allowed to deport them)....remain stuck to poor trade deals as were not allowed to look outside the EU for better deals, pay the most into the block and get nothing in return....and be told to keep our borders open and let them sink our island. Your clueless billy. And thankfully ur a minority hence why the brexit bill went through!!

Natalie Hayes
2022-11-27 19:20:08

"I just want to be among... us" This neatly encapsulates the problem with us British: centuries of smug entitledness has pullled us away from Europe and Scandinavia, to the point where we are flailing around in a cesspit of our own pride, while civilised countries develop. I'm ashamed of this country. As a millennial I'm trapped in a vicous cycle of hereditary serfdom that has so much money, power, and media driving it that the vast majority of citizens don't even realise they're being manipulated into worshipping the boot-heel that suppresses them. It's embarrassing. But the ignorant many voted away my right to live somewhere better.

2022-11-27 19:32:53

Your free to leave whenever you like Natalie.....I'm sure there's lots of countries eager to take you. None spring to mind though! (None with our abused NHS system or benefits system though!!)

I’ll do that Billy
2022-11-27 19:41:37

Me How do you know my political orientation?. I’m clueless, thanks for that enlightenment. Mate, I think some of your research not quite up to speed/needs updating. Are you some sort of political researcher by day?, no thought not. Brexit = calamity, majority or not and in your heart of hearts you know it.

Natalie Hayes
2022-11-27 19:49:57

If you don't understand that the Tories are the cause of our decimated public services (those that haven't already been completely privatised to benefit shareholders): healthcare, education, social services, etc, then you are lost in your ignorance and I can't possibly change your mind. We take in a fraction of the refugees and immigrants that civilised countries do, and of those more than 70% are found to have legitimately come here for shelter. In the meantime, the tax burden is at its highest in 70 years while the standard of living is at its lowest. And the working class people who voted Tory out of laziness and lnorance are to blame for that. And yes, as soon as the opportunity presents itself I'll leave this depressing island to drown in its own ignorance, and never look back.

2022-11-27 20:00:32

Natalie only one person who's brain is working.Rest you are so silly and cant believe how easy it is to manipulate you.Hope new generation is smarter, And you can say straight away that Natalie is educated well ,compared to rest peoples who are commenting 68% eu immigrants have higher education, compare to 26% english Make Ukgreat again yes.....welll with what lol

2022-11-27 21:36:51

My last comment was pure sarcasm by the way. Natalie you need to move to another planet.

2022-11-27 21:58:37

The irony of "Me" telling Billy he is clueless and not knowing the difference between your and you're haha

2022-11-27 23:07:54

"human rights laws keeping criminals in this country" - that would be the European Convention on Human Rights which we are still tied to because it is separate from Brexit. Which is why an Ex-Tory is able to take the UK to ECHR - https://www.politico.eu/article/tory-brexiteer-who-slammed-european-court-of-human-rights-takes-uk-parliament-to-european-court-of-human-rights/ As for deporting, that is now harder because of Brexit. When we were part of the EU, the Dublin Agreement allowed the UK to return migrants to other EU countries in certain circumstances. The Dublin Agreement is not part of the wafer thin agreement as negotiated by the Conservative government. Therefore, thanks to Brexit it is now harder to deport migrants than before. "This needs addressing ASAP" - how about rejoining the EU to make it easier to deport migrants, thanks to the Dublin Agreement? Would any of the 29,000 vote for that? Or are they still waiting for the £350M a week that's going to go to the NHS any day now?

2022-11-27 23:12:13

Oh, I almost forgot, this opinion piece on inews shows Brexit is going just as well as all "revolutions" https://inews.co.uk/opinion/as-the-tory-conservative-party-clings-to-power-its-brexit-revolution-has-devoured-its-children-1996602

2022-11-28 00:32:17

Me, our left wing mp supported remain, his right wing opponent, Laura Mcalpiine was a leaver. Perhaps you would care to revisit your post. And when you do perhaps you would list some of the benefits we have actually got from leaving, please

2022-11-28 07:22:33

No she is right, I wasnt sarcastic

2022-11-28 07:25:02

I just think Britains are idiots, the one who support brexit Btw ppl voted for brexit were the one with low education and low earnings Mainly learning in a council housing

2022-11-28 10:41:48

Brexit has turned the UK into a trading backwater as our economy shrinks at a far greater rate than the rest of the developed world' and we can manage only minor trade deals that are equivalent or worse to what we had in the EU. Losing freedom of movement means we are in a worse position trying to fill all the job vacancies, we can't travel and stay freely in mainland Europe. We have become Little Britain indeed.

2022-11-28 22:04:03

I voted for brexit. And if I supposedly have low intelligence and low earnings, how is it I have become a multimillionaire and highly skilled with the respect of my peers, I also employ 50 odd highly skilled people earning well above average wages in a growing successful business. Oh and our business also keeps about another 50-100 other local people employed in support of our business. But hey what do I know, I just keep my head down and plugging away at life. I have however worked with the EU on many projects, and as an organisation we would all be better of without it. What we really need is a new European organisation that works, then we can get ride of our national governments like Westminster( less government=less taxation)Change is good, and don’t fear the change. It all works out in the end! Bye the way, far too many people seem to be under educated and over entitled these days. Please remember life owes you nothing. Don’t wait for your boat to come in, swim out to meet it.

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