Brexit has worsened shortage of NHS doctors, analysis shows

Health / Mon 28th Nov 2022 at 07:34am

BREXIT has worsened the UK’s acute shortage of doctors in key areas of care and led to more than 4,000 European doctors choosing not to work in the NHS, research reveals reports The Guardian.

The disclosure comes as growing numbers of medics quit in disillusionment at their relentlessly busy working lives in the increasingly overstretched health service. Official figures show the NHS in England alone has vacancies for 10,582 physicians.

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7 Comments for Brexit has worsened shortage of NHS doctors, analysis shows:

2022-11-28 07:52:16

Well done stiupid brexiters!!!!!!! You started to ruined our country in 2016 But off course you dont care coz the things which counts on your life are benefits and stella Hope you will get the lesson soon

John Davis
2022-11-28 09:33:50

Harlow voted massively for Brexit. They knew what they were voting for of course, they were adamant about that. Warnings were all decried as Project Fear. Brexit has been shown to put 6% on food prices, increased imported gas costs due to the Brexit fall in the pound (that's your energy and petrol bill), and closed down restaurants, pubs and hotel rooms across the country due to loss of EU workers, with crops unpicked and pigs culled. It's caused more than a third of SMEs to stop exporting and pushed up costs for all businesses across the board. The Japan trade deal has caused a drop in trade, the Australia/New Zealand deal has handed those countries a big win (George Eustice: they're "not very good" for the UK) just to get them done quickly so they can be touted as a Benefit of Brexit. It's been calculated that trade deals with Japan/Australia/New Zealand/India and the USA (should it ever happen) will add £14 billion to UK GDP, to be offset against the loss of £115 billion caused by being outside the EU Single Market. So enjoy your diminished future of increasing poverty and a downward economic spiral or take the frequent advice of Leave supporters - get a portable skill and emigrate. There's no need to get dragged down with everyone else. Brexit - it's the Will of the (Harlow) People. If you wanted it, if you swallowed the lies to get it, now pay for it. As you've forced everyone else to. If not, you know who to blame.

David Forman
2022-11-28 10:04:41

Now workers have some bargaining power because fewer workers competing for jobs. Britain's appallingly low productivity is due to an over reliance on migrant labour since 2004. Companies are slowly being forced to train British workers, but the middle classes are moaning because they can't get cheap nannies. Increase the number of training places for junior doctors at our universities.

2022-11-28 10:04:58

Funny how you think we have a right to take Dr's nurses from other countries health systems. Maybe we should train our own

2022-11-28 10:26:05

Who to train if most of british preferred to stays on benefits have 4 kids ,which are going to finish education in age 16 and live like parents

2022-11-28 12:49:37

I think most people knew brexit would be like having an enema, painful to go through but better for you in the long run.

2022-11-28 13:11:35

Enema is not pai full, but outcome is lol

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