Harlow Council leader sets out key priorities for the town

News / Tue 29th Nov 2022 at 08:32am

THE LEADER of Harlow Council has set out a number of his key priorities for the town

Over the next few months, YH is sitting down with councillor Russell Perrin and looking at a number of the key priorities for the Conservative-run council.

In this interview, we discuss the regeneration of the town centre and improvements to the town’s estates.

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14 Comments for Harlow Council leader sets out key priorities for the town:

gary roberts
2022-11-29 09:10:56

Was Potter Street mentioned in this utopia of regeneration? Was council housing as part of these developments mentioned? If they were I didn't hear them. Now is the time for our local councillors' to hold Cllr. Perrin to account for providing those vital services to the residents' of Harlow Common in general and Potter Street in particular. Will they? I suspect not given we currently have two of them that are part of this current administration.

Kim Oconnor
2022-11-29 09:46:44

Well lessons clearly haven't been learnt have they. Placing thousands of people in town centres is not the way forward. Reason s why, because you have not mentioned infrastructure once. You have not mentioned parking issues. HAVE YOU SEEN TRAFFIC ROUND TOWN NOW. Have you seen the congestion down to the new B&m Every wk, and this congestion goes right up to Bush fair. So please explain to people how you intend to improve this a round the town. You have learnt no lesson s. You have 5000 on waiting list here in Harlow, how many of theses properties are council.? Compared to privately owned.. Not many, your first priority should be the care of people who live in thus town, not the greed and profit aspect. And don't get me started on environment, you have not a care for it.

Nicholas Taylor
2022-11-29 10:51:27

Lets not forget at the outset that Cllr Perrin's administrations plan for the town centre will see it transformed into a high rise estate of hundreds of flats, one block rising to 16 storeys, with little or no affordable housing let alone one Council home. It will be interesting to see if the work being done by the Council and its partners sees any work starting on the former Square site, Market House, Kitson Way carpark, Terminus Street carpark and the one next to the former cinema, all left for years by the owners whilst they see the value of their asset increase. In the meantime we know that hundreds of Council tenants are waiting years for their homes to be repaired, houses will not be externally repaired and painted for up to 20 years, shrub beds are no better maintained than when Labour were in control, trees across the whole town are in desperate need of attention and the off street parking programme has more or less been abandoned. Cllr Perrin also said in response to the question about the doughnut affect of building on the Green Belt around that Harlow residents would not notice any difference when driving from the new estates and through Harlow. Well of course we all know it will be quicker to walk than to try and drive, our roads will be so congested. At the end of the day, after 18 months in charge Harlow Tories have done nothing to improve things for those of us already living here.

David Forman
2022-11-29 11:04:46

Russell Perrin talked of the "wider regeneration of our town" even though Michael Casey asked specifically about the Strawberry Star town centre redevelopment at the start of the interview. Russell also said he didn't want "our estates falling by the wayside" and he wanted to avoid the "doughnut effect". I'll be particularly interested in the review of HTS Governance that is to be published imminentky as stated by Russell at 6mins 9secs into the film.

2022-11-29 12:33:20

Talking of doughnuts I thought it was a collective term the Conservative Party especially in Harlow. As in a bunch of doughnuts, no social core values, greasy, with a superficial suger coating, much loved by those living off the fat of the land: property developers who prop up the party and who build environmentally damaging overpriced estates in the wrong places. Obviously why Cllr Perrin used the term doughnut.

Colin Thorpe
2022-11-29 15:31:12

With Harlow expanding so are the problems it's a disgrace that our Town is classed as the 2nd worst in Essex and the 20th in England for deprivation,child poverty,health issues both mentally & physically etc but the Council only pays lip service to these issues. If our Council was the caring Council it suggests it is then monies should be set aside to address those issues. As a previous respondent wrote Potter Street is totally neglected and with 5 sheltered housing complexes in the area with one due to close very soon with its residents being displaced and the youth club helping people with special needs in doubt what is being done? In a word nothing!!

Stacy Seales
2022-11-29 16:35:26

A good leader is one who puts aside their own needs, interest or ideology for the greater good of the people. Upholding the actions required to challenge and be accountable of the achievement, growth and development of any given objective. Cllr Perrin as leader and the deputy leader of the council does this role with integrity , constraints and fairness. I have noted they takes great pride to ensure every resident in Harlow can feel a sense of progression and pride to live in harlow. So with drums rolls excitement, this is wonderful for Harlow and future of Harlow. I am very proud of all who are making this possible. It is enviable that to increase community engagement, resilience, economic growth and financial stability requires the development of the town centre which will eventually interlink with all the hard work taking place across Harlow by various for the people of Harlow. Change can be clearly noted and excited that this progress is fully supported cross party and by majority in town.

gary roberts
2022-11-29 17:33:50

Sadly for Cllr. Seales I have heard it all before in an email from her. Please note not one word about Potter Street or its vitally needed services. Remember she is one of the local councillors for the area. And this need to refer to Cllr. Perrin in glowing terms is just frustrating given he can get a new microphone in under five seconds but cannot get his officers and lead councillor to refurbish Osler House in over ten months. It is just hot air with plenty of nonsense attached. She has also confirmed she will not attend a protest in Prentice Place and that is a disgrace knowing these services are needed in the area. If I am still around when she submits her application for reelection I will remind the residents' of Potter Street of it. Sadly this will mean that Potter Street is forgotten again for many years. It is a disgrace!

Colin Thorpe
2022-11-30 08:42:39

The disadvantaged people living in Harlow aren't interested in the development in around the Town Centre their attention is focused on getting through the day to day challenges they face & this is what needs addressing by Harlow Council. These issues aren't new they were noted in the 2011 census published in a ward to ward survey in 2016 & here we are at the end of 2022 & those issues are growing but still nothing is being done

2022-11-30 09:08:26

Stacy Seales, what a load of codswallop, do you even visit Harlow and if you do you need to open your eyes the place is falling apart. No more homes before we get a hospital that can cope.

Stacy Seales
2022-11-30 13:28:26

Good Morning Mr Roberts, You are very right as I am a Local Councillor at Potter Street and just as my other two colleagues especially Cllr Leppard whom are very present and active for the resident of potter street. Engaging with real issues and dealing with individuals daily needs continuously. In regards to your email and I will do so publicly that I refuted to stand and protest with you does not mean I am not doing what I am elected to do. In times like this when people are struggling seeking support I wish to impact people positively rather than in negativity as people need hope. You constantly make reference to issue when in fact the current administration are focused on the redevelopment of a town that has been impacted from years of neglect and focus. The interview with Cllr Perrin was one which benefit everyone in the town and not about politic or individual wards so perhaps we should celebrate this victory . In regards to Harlow Common ward there are so many many changes happening within the council and ways to increasing services. In regards to the well being hub this is something which is required and need support and focus more on the new town development rather than get better debased objective which causes division within community. Normally I would prefer not to reply but felt it is critically important that we all understand the one in a life time opportunity given to Harlow, a new town whilst still dealing with other needs. The development of the town will bring in new things which will contribute to well being and social spaces for those in town and whilst j understand the osler house project these are not times for unpleasantness to individuals whom are seeking the redevelopment of the town as a whole. Kindest Regards, Stacy Seales

gary roberts
2022-11-30 15:08:45

Cllr. Seales please show me at least some respect. People you were elected to represent and support need the services prescribed by the trustees of the well being hub [formerly Osler House] now. Not at some arbitrary date to be confirmed. That approach led to the closure of all of those services. You insult not just my integrity but those living in the Potter Street area with your justification for just keeping the status quo. It is just disgraceful. I also include the use of the former neighbourhood office that has been boarded up for nineteen years. All those services that existed to help those residents' in Potter Street are gone and need to be restored. The well being hub was just the start and your job as a councillor is to stand up for them and work to deliver them. Please start doing so now!

Bruce Downey
2022-11-30 16:23:15

Be kind & never give up.

Kim Oconnor
2022-12-01 10:24:03

Stacy seals, forgive me but you are on council, you should be supporting the community and its people. 1, 5000 people on waiting list in Harlow alone, thousands of unaffordable homes being built, how many council, not many. You talk of wellbeing, while failing missserably to tell people of the destruction of lands, wildlife and thousands upon thousands of old tress being ripped from ground, ecco systems being lost. No ones against progress, we all need it, but this , this is a greed and profit thing pure and simple. Your focus is all on theses huge development s, and not on people s NEEDS. People of this town have been waiting years for repairs to get done, my self included. Roads, an side roads in awful state , And now you want to place thousands of people in private unaffordable housing in town centre, you learn nothing. You can not keep putting profit before infrastructure, we are a small town we carnt cope with traffic now. To keep building with no infrastructure is madness, our hospital s carnt cope now, our services are not coping now. The traffic and pollution is dreadful. Now no ones against progress, but this what you lot are doing is profit and greed and not a thought to people in need, we need to get back to listening to people in the community, and helping people in the community, this has been sadly lost for many years. And is sadly lost in your posts Stacy. .

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