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General / Wed 7th Dec 2022 at 11:30am

ADULT learning provider, ACL Essex, is encouraging residents of Harlow to try their hand at languages in the new year, with the launch of free languages and communication tasters from 19th January 2023.

The taster sessions being offered are Spanish, Italian, French, Greek and German, as well as British Sign Language (BSL) and Makaton for Families.

Taking place online and at ACL Essex centres across the county, the free taster sessions will give learners the opportunity to see how they can gain language and communication support from expert tutors, including access to a wide range of resources, extensive feedback and explanation, as well as roleplays, activities and games to enhance language skills.

Language courses at ACL Essex have also helped learners go on to do great things, like ACL Essex learner Judith, who progressed her Makaton learning in an online course with ACL Essex. She is now using those skills to set up a charity for people of all ages in hospice care and/or with learning difficulties who may use Makaton to communicate.

As well as Judith, 53-year-old Jennie Johnson from Colchester studied Italian with ACL Essex. She was an English teacher with a love of Italy, but as the years went on, her recall of the language slipped and she signed up to ACL Essex in Colchester to brush up on her language skills.

Jennie said: “The classes are great at helping me pick up what I knew as well as learn new words. Italy is my favourite country – I love the language, the culture and the food! – so my aim is to get to the next level in Italian and be able to travel to Italy and converse fluently. I really enjoyed the lessons; it’s not like being at school. The classrooms are relaxed as everyone has chosen to be here, and the tutors offer good support, and they give extra help when we need it.”

Commenting on the launch of the new language taster sessions and courses is Lisa Jarentowski, ACL Essex Principal. She said: “Learning a new language helps people to become more creative, opens up job options such as an Interpreter or a Communication Support Worker, and research has shown that it can even delay the onset of Dementia. Even though there are other ways to learn a language, sessions with ACL Essex allow learners to make new friends, and provide them with the opportunity to ask questions, communicate with real people and gain real-time feedback and explanations.”

She continued: “With so many benefits, we’re excited to be hosting these language tasters at ACL Essex in 2023, so that residents can try their hand at languages for free.”

The free, countywide Language & Communication Tasters will start rolling out at ACL Essex centres from 19th January and will run until 17th April 2023.

To discover more about the free taster sessions, visit www.aclessex.com/languages-tasters.

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