Letter to Editor: Simple solution to sort out Harlow’s traffic jam problem

Politics / Wed 28th Dec 2022 at 10:43am

Dear Sir,


FIRST Avenue coming from The Stow shopping precinct going to Mark Hall School, where they have a bus lane if they turned that bus lane into a dual carriage way, so if you wanted to go straight over the roundabout you went on the inside lane instead of the outside lane you would not have traffic queuing up to The Stow shops. 

It is quite simple; the bus lane is not achieving anything all it is doing is causing buses to queue up further back up the road because they have set the road out you can only go straight over on the righthand lane instead of going straight over on the lefthand lane.

All they could do is change the lanes on the road and they do not have to dig anything up or do anything major.

Mr. Halfon did listen to me and other people regarding, removing the traffic lights at the Police Station roundabout and that worked perfectly and then they were not queueing up to the Clock Tower roundabout.

It holds up all the traffic trying to get to the new M11 Junction 7A.

I hope this is helpful.

Yours faithfully,


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18 Comments for Letter to Editor: Simple solution to sort out Harlow’s traffic jam problem:

2022-12-28 11:41:22

There are many issues with traffic in Harlow easily amended by removing or time limiting the bus lanes. A big focus also needs to be fixing the traffic now caused by B&M and Lidl in Queensgate.

2022-12-28 13:11:18

Absolutely agree with the need for action at Queensgate this area is a disaster and planning permission should not have been granted unless proper traffic control measures were in place first

Luke Burton
2022-12-28 13:24:17

Unbelievable how incompetent the authorities are. Do they not have staff or the capability to commission traffic planners/modellers?

2022-12-28 13:38:29

The pessimist in me thinks that the traffic caused by the new Lidl is quite deliberate. It strengthens the argument for the new road linking River Way to Eastwick. The through traffic will by-pass Lidl completely, reducing the traffic load. Maybe there is a grand plan after all - a sneaky underhand grand plan.

2022-12-28 14:41:14

We need more mini roundabouts, especially where Momples Rd meets First Avenue.

Yasmin Gregory
2022-12-28 14:45:40

I’m inclined to agree with Paul. The predicted increase of commercial HGV’s from J7a along Edinburgh Way feeds into this narrative. Friends of Latton Island and other groups are still very much opposed to the crossing. It’s not a done deal until the ink is on all signature blocks.

2022-12-28 15:10:53

Is this the calibre of journalism that Your Harlow has sunk to? "Old man yells at cloud"? One random guy thinks he can solve all traffic jams because he's got an irrational dislike of bus lanes?

Staff Reporter
2022-12-28 15:48:12

Hello Martin, Do you have contqct details for the old man please?

2022-12-28 18:48:43

This roundabout isn’t really a priority really It’s the Aldi roundabout which is a absolute joke It’s like survival of the quickest here Coming from Aldi to the town people in the left lane go left or straight over as there isn’t 2 lanes across the roundabout which is correct And the right hand lane is for right turn only But no people try and cut you up ITS DANGEROUS The highways need to correct the road arrows as people don’t understand that that arrow just means get back in lane ,not for just turning left

2022-12-28 19:23:38

Can we have some Time operated lights or at least yellow hatches on both roundabouts at the NEWly created Island of Potter Street?

Kim Oconnor
2022-12-28 21:51:56

If you place all retail out let's in one place of course your get loads of traffic. Traffic lights situated in wrong places to , random lights lights that go of and no one there. The lights by the swimming pool, that no one can afford to use, I may add 😂, are in the wrong place, if people want to get that fit, go under the under pass, the traffic is awful. Pull in buse lanes would be a good start to.

Floppy finn
2022-12-28 22:14:48

I live in Harlow, but spend a lot of time in Stevenage, similar size town, but I find the traffic problems are nowhere near as bad as Harlow, maybe it’s because there’s no empty bus lanes instead duel carridge ways!!

2022-12-29 09:44:43

Leave the pollution device parked safely at home and do a little walk but mind the uneven pavements sensible shoes and a walking stick if necessary you're all set👍😁

Reg Smith
2022-12-29 18:06:16

I've always said that if Essex c c could install traffic lights on the opposite side of Third Avenue and make a gap in the central barrier, at the exit of the Water Gardens so vehicles could turn right, that would help relieve the traffic at the. roundabout by the Police station.

2022-12-30 10:35:01

The town is a joke. There is no significant investment by Essex County Council in it , all the money goes to Chelmsford and Colchester. There should be a proper dual carriageways through the town and a by pass around the town. Over and underpassess at major intersections and the removal of all bus lanes, the buses don't even go to where the better quality shops are . Just what did three years of work on the Edinburgh road achieve? In the 1940's the town's main roads were designed and layed out with wide grass verges so that the roads could be widened as required in time, resulting in minimum disruption to the layout of the roads. Stevenage is by far better laid out with dual carriage ways throughout the town and an underpass at a major juction.

2022-12-30 15:25:53

Perhaps Essex Council could install speed cameras on Fourth Avenue & Elizabeth Way, the former for all those speeders and the latter for those who believe they are night time racing drivers . For those exiting the rear entrance of Princess Alexandra Hospital without looking or slowing and stopping at the give way sign, you will hurt or kill somebody soon. Appalling driving, how did so many pass their driving test !

Rat boy
2022-12-30 20:20:45

Or how about distances less than 5 miles that do not strictly need a car by locals either walk or cycle instead.Everybody will be healthier and happier and you do not need the hassle of of traffic jams when a journey can be done just as quick without the car.Despite an evolving transport structure in major towns and cities which has in the past favoured the car it seems hard for the traveling public to adapt to other means of getting from A to B.

2022-12-31 16:51:40

Rat Boy . Read the evidence. ( https://www.gov.uk/government/statistical-data-sets/walking-and-cycling-statistics-cw#walking-and-cycling-table-index) The ,majority of people will walk on average two miles not five. Only 7% walked for more than two hours for the purpose of travel in 2021. Is your arbitory figure of five miles there and back = ten miles which is not achievable by most people. To walk five miles takes about two hours or more. How are the elderly , handicaped, those with children , heavy shopping supposed to do this? Cloud cuckoo land as ever . Neither it is safe for a lone female to walk alone at night through our towns or villages. I can drive along to Tesco in about 15 minutes from home, a journey of six miles each way, no way would this journey if walked take 15 minutes each way! .And how would the shopping in multiple bags be carried home? I would take a bus , but there is none!

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