Planning bid to redevelop Harlow Bus Station and Terminus Street

News / Wed 4th Jan 2023 at 08:54am

A PLANNING application to transform the Harlow Bus Station is set to go before the council planning committee.

The application proposes: Outline planning permission with all matters reserved other than access for the redevelopment of Harlow Bus Station, including a Transport Hub and Interchange which will
consist of a transport hub building incorporating flexible spaces and amenities for
passengers and staff, a cycle hub, 16 bus stands (incl. 1 Community Transport Bay and 1
Coach Bay) along with public realm improvements and landscaping.

The works include but are not limited to:

  1. New exit for buses via Terminus Street onto Crown Gate;
  2. Removal of ramp access to Terminus House;
  3. New entry area for Terminus House including a new lift to serve first and second
    floors; and
  4. Works to the existing bin store at Terminus House.
    The objective of the scheme is to create a new Sustainable Transport Hub and Interchange
    to support the Sustainable Transport Corridor and Harlow Town Centre regeneration.
    The development would support public transport services including the proposed
    Sustainable Transport Corridor routes, walking and cycling routes and public highway
    infrastructure in the Town Centre.
  5. The redevelopment of the Bus Station includes a new transport hub which would be located
    to the north of the interchange with green space and a canopy covering the waiting area.
    This would provide a safe and attractive space for passengers using the interchange when
    waiting for buses. A flexible event space and associated landscaping would provide both
    public and shared space to help forge a new character for the area.
    The transport hub would comprise of a single storey (or equivalent height) transport hub with
    a canopy covering the interchange approximately two storey equivalent height. The canopy
    would cover the length of the interchange with the detailed design of this would be provided
    at the Reserved Matters stage. The canopy would be 170 metres by 13 metres and have a
    maximum height of 9.6 metres.
  6. At the southern edge of the canopy a cycle hub is proposed. This will consist of cycle
    storage for up to 80 bicycles. No details have been provided of the design of this structure.
    Access is the only detailed matter that is being sought here with access to the bus station
    being amended so that buses would leave via Terminus Street and Crown Gate.
  7. The works to the access to Terminus House include the removal of the bridge that connect
    East Walk with the second floor of Terminus House and improvement of the current ground
    floor entrance that is next to the existing bin store. These works include amendment to the
    existing bin store as well as a new lift to the 2nd floor of Terminus House. The detail of these
    works will be subject to a further application.

The full application can be found below.


The planning committee is scheduled to meet on Wednesday January 11th at 7.30pm in the civic offices.

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7 Comments for Planning bid to redevelop Harlow Bus Station and Terminus Street:

2023-01-04 10:01:47

Give me 5mins, just getting the pop-corn and settling in for the incoming NIMBY whinging from the 3 usual culprits.

David Vincent
2023-01-04 10:34:27

A good idea I spotted is "canopy covering the waiting area" which will be 170 metres long by 13 metres wide. No more waiting in the rain, especially late in the evening when the seated waiting area is closed. A new 21st century waiting area for buses in the cold, but not in the rain! That is sure to get people out of their cars?

Joe Epstein
2023-01-04 10:50:52

Page 6 of the planning application states: "A significant aspect of the scheme is the replacement of the Hides underpass with an at-grade crossing... and we would request that greater consideration is given to how the new footpath connects into The Hides. The footpath/cycle path has to divert around car parking spaces, and this does not respond to pedestrian desire lines and would result in legibility and safety concerns."

2023-01-04 11:02:56

Why remove the bridge? It provides good access. If it ain't broke don't fix it. It hasn't occurred to the numpties that plan that creating a hub (cars and buses) at the centre of towns don't work when towns have been over developed beyond a critical size. Harlow has already just exceded this critical limit. A large central hub for car bus interchange as proposed encourages car traffic from outer neighbourhoods creating congestion, pollution and a dreadful shopping experience, so people start to shop at out of town locations and online. Town centres and high streets die and as has been shown countless times in the UK to fail to resuscitate the corpse. Development of park and ride with shopping centres needs to be around the perimeter of town at significant points like J7 and Harlow Town Station or Eastwick: this improves the shopping experience, protects the town, reducing traffic and congestion whilst improving the environment and opportunities for creating safe cycling and walking routes.

Peter Barker
2023-01-06 08:56:48

One coach bay for a town the size of Harlow. This does not seem enough when we often use the bus station for dropping more than one coach load at a time, also when activity’s like firms shopping trips are ask not use bus bays but to drop and pick up else where in the bus station

2023-01-06 16:02:32

Should knock down Terminus House.

2023-01-07 19:15:42

Some lights at the existing bus station would be helpful. It's so dark round there. They have been burbling on for years about refurbishing it. Action please. It is a bloody eyesore at present.

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