Reform UK to field candidate against every Tory at next election, says leader

Politics / Sat 7th Jan 2023 at 11:34am

THE leader of Reform UK, Richard Tice, has offered a “cast-iron guarantee” the party will put up a candidate against every Conservative in the next general election, ruling out a 2019-style deal even if the Tories back some of his policies reports The Guardian.

After a speech to relaunch the party, which was level with the Liberal Democrats in some recent polls, Tice said Reform UK already had 600 candidates in place and would stand in every seat outside Northern Ireland.

Reform UK is a right-wing populist political party in the United Kingdom. It was founded with support from Nigel Farage in November 2018 as the Brexit Party, advocating hard Euroscepticism and a no-deal Brexit, and was briefly a significant political force in 2019.

The Brexit Party had a candidate (briefly) for Harlow in the General Election of 2019 in Neil Greaves but the candidate was “pulled out” after a couple of weeks.

After Brexit, it was renamed to Reform UK in January 2021, and became primarily an anti-lockdown party during the COVID-19 pandemic.[8]

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1 Comment for Reform UK to field candidate against every Tory at next election, says leader:

2023-01-08 09:28:43

Brexit has gone so fantastically well for business, travel and Northern island is seems a waste of money putting up candidates they and the Tories would do more good donating the funds to food banks, the uk fishing non industry, businesses struggling because of the frictionless (as in things not moving don't generate friction!') trade, paying public sector key workers a decent wage and farmers who can't trade easily with one of the biggest trading blocks in the world: Europe.

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