Pubs across Harlow forced to close due to series of plumbing and heating problems

News / Sat 14th Jan 2023 pm31 02:16pm

PUBS across Harlow have been forced to shut due to a flood of plumbing and heating problems.

Since Saturday lunchtime, signs have been placed on the front of the pubs as well as some social media channels to let clients know of their situation.

The Poplar Kitten in Bush Fair placed a message on their Facebook page stating that” “Due to an electrical fault, we will be closed until further notice”

This was soon followed by The Drinker Moth off Ployters Road which informed its loyal clients that they had “faulty pipes” and so were closed until further notice.

Across in Potter Street, the recently refurbished Red Lion had a note on the door that the pub was closed due to a “water leak”

We hope that they all manage to get their problems sorted as soon as possible.

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14 Comments for Pubs across Harlow forced to close due to series of plumbing and heating problems:

John Wake
2023-01-14 14:33:55

Is this not a cover story? It is claimed that Essex Police has told pubs in Harlow to close today to avoid serving Travellers. I think this needs to be investigated, as such an instruction would be against the law.

2023-01-14 15:04:27

It’s up to the pub if it shuts, there is no law saying they have to stay open in licenced hours. Sometimes it’s easier to shut rather than count the costs later.

David Forman
2023-01-14 16:48:44

Refusing to serve or ejecting Travellers purely because they are Travellers is illegal under the Equality Act 2010. Numerous legal cases for damages have been won by Travellers including one where the lawyers acting for them said: "Discrimination against Irish Travellers remains only too prevalent and is regarded by some as the last bastion of acceptable racism. Until these ugly unacceptable instances of blatant racism against Travellers are stopped, significant settlements like this will continue to the shame of companies who engage in racist conduct.” https://www.travellerstimes.org.uk/news/2022/11/irish-travellers-win-damages-after-being-barred-watching-tyson-fury-fight-pub

Kevin Raby
2023-01-14 18:33:36

If it’s their choice to avoid potential issues, good for them it’s about time certain elements got the message about the predictable behaviour being unacceptable. But why is it now an issue what’s happening in the area.

2023-01-14 20:10:25

No Black's No Irish No dog's I remember those days

Bert puttocks
2023-01-14 21:14:44

No tee totals, no women, no men with beards, the good old days 🍻

2023-01-15 01:28:36

If you don’t run a pub then I guess you have no right to comment. I’d rather stay closed for a day than a week because a group of pikeys ramsacked my pub.

2023-01-15 09:37:53

Absolute joke, should permanently ban them

2023-01-15 11:03:35

I see racism is rife on here especially from seamus, disgusting!!

2023-01-15 11:05:51

Poplar kitten was open last night and Friday so where does this story come from

2023-01-15 12:24:05

Mike - I hope you don't look as stupid as you sound. How many non irish people have you ever heard of called seamus. Cop on

Benson Hedges.
2023-01-15 12:45:51

The pubs have evry right to decide if they want to open or stay shut and who they want to serve. A pub full of drunken gypsies is every landlords nightmare. If they kick off we know that the police won't turn up as they are to scared.

Dave Benson Phillips
2023-01-15 15:18:32

Let's be honest. They have no respect for anyone and treat good peple like crap. It's annoying pubs close but at the same time I can see why they do. Animals.

2023-01-16 13:50:45

I am surprised that so many people bother to respond! Too many can't spell either.

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