PAH: No access to gas and air for patients at maternity department in Harlow’s hospital

Health / Sat 21st Jan 2023 at 07:51pm

THE DIRECTOR of Midwifery has revealed that there is no use of gas and air at the maternity department at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow.

Giuseppe Labriola, director of midwifery, The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust said:

“This week (Wednesday 18 January), in light of concerns raised at other NHS hospitals, we have undertaken thorough testing of the atmosphere in our maternity unit with regard to nitrous oxide levels arising from the patient use of Entonox (gas and air).

“There is no risk to mothers, birthing people, their partners and babies.

“Yesterday (Thursday 19), in light of further results we took the decision to temporarily suspend the use of Entonox across the maternity unit to protect our midwifery and medical team. There are a full range of other pain relief options that our team are discussing with women and pregnant people on an individual basis.

“We have a team of expert engineers testing the system and plans to install additional safety equipment to allow us to resume the use of Entonox as soon as possible. There are no risks to people attending, staying or visiting the hospital.

“Our thanks go to everyone in the maternity and medical team for their professionalism and commitment to caring for women and birthing people at such a special time whilst the ongoing testing is completed.”

On Saturday evening they announced: “We do not have a date yet however we have ordered additional kit and will keep people posted.

“There is a range of pain relief available for women and pregnant people please speak to your midwife.”

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10 Comments for PAH: No access to gas and air for patients at maternity department in Harlow’s hospital:

2023-01-21 22:36:16

I just paid 48k in wages to my staff.I also paid 47k in tax to hmrc on behalf of my staff. That’s nearly 50% of their wages. Why the hell can our society not work when taking nearly 50% of everything we earn. Maybe our MP or councillors or would be MP’s or councillors can explain. Btw I am not holding my breath for an answer.

Luke Burton
2023-01-21 22:51:14

They will get back to you with a response, Theman - just as soon as they've scoffed their taxpayer funded luxurious dinners and subsidised alcohol.

2023-01-22 10:01:37

Might PAH use the "pre packed" small 40cm long cylinders of medical grade gas, going by the piles and piles of empties left by sniffing teenagers ( another problem with nitrous oxide) around the town there seems to be no shortage or difficulty getting supplies.

2023-01-22 11:51:56

Have you guys actually read the report above ? The issue is not regarding shortage of Ethonox, it is about removing levels of it from the surrounding air, this is good monitoring and a proper response from PAH. I would urge you to read reports properly before jumping on the easy to access ‘let’s slag off PAH’ bandwagon.

Tony Durcan
2023-01-22 12:27:20

Please be assured PAH are doing this to ensure the safety and well fair of all. Sensible decision.

2023-01-22 13:31:46

Could a quick fix be to open the window and use a fan to blow the gases out of it? Genuine question.

Iain Lindsay
2023-01-22 13:51:20

Birthing People! Is there no end to this woke, inclusive, we don't want to upset anyone crap?

Amanda Reynolds
2023-01-22 17:14:01

So this is not cost cutting or shortage, how have staff survived decades of using Gas and Air and why are other Maternity Units around the country stopped? e.g Basildon Ipswich? More lies and cover ups of the truth!

2023-01-23 20:11:17

Staff safety is just as important as patient safety! You don’t want the medical team high as a kite whilst caring for you.

Dani Burnock
2023-03-10 08:15:31

I’ve just been reading the article regarding the young mother given only paracetamol during her pregnancy. It makes for a sad and shocking read, I just hope that the publicity prompts change, improvements for both staff and the vulnerable women who’ve put their trust in you only to be let down in the most horrible way

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