Senior Conservative councillor issues rallying call for party in Harlow

Politics / Sat 11th Feb 2023 at 04:04pm

A NEWLY-promoted Conservative councillor has issued a robust defence of her party’s record in running Harlow Council.

Councillor Stacey Seales is the portfolio holder for Governance, which includes overseeing the constitution, employment law and electoral review, among many other highly technical duties.

The Harlow Common councillor has written to YH in response to her Labour opposite in the ward (Mark Wilkinson) reversing his decision to retire because of the way the Conservatives are (according to him) running the council.

Councillor Seales said: “Cllr Wilkinson , good luck and well wishes in the next election. Glad of your change of heart, hopefully look forward we continue working together.

For clarity, the leadership under the conservatives administration has done far more effective good for the town in the last two years than the previous Labour administration did over decades. 

Ultimately the people of harlow deserve realistic action and not lip service from us all as surely it must be frustrating for them. 

To to be frank and best address your leadership statement- within in my party previously PM Johnson was an issue for member but voters across all parties understood and backed his vision hence his huge success as they was a plan. Voters and members in the labour administration then and now are extremely concern for the lack of good or strong leadership within your administration. They just do not have confidence or faith in those currently within your party or believe they are many with the right skill sets to make an impactful realistic change for the good of the country. Also most feel that some action taken without care of how ordinary people were affect seem clearly manipulative and reckless to have been allowed just to sway votes. 

For decades the people of Harlow were promised things which never came to fruition due to lack of inadequate skill set or the right leadership which left the town in decline and in a mess. 

The current conservative administration in a very short time has and will deliver with doubt to making Harlow great with it’s leadership team, as we all collectively have one vision and goal which is to make Harlow a great place to live in reality and not just words.

The Labour administration over the years has done a lot of good for our country; however, it is evident that the labour administration makes promises without a plan which inevitably means no actions as history demonstrates especially as seen in harlow over the years. 

As one from the town you would agree change was needed and that change improvement can be recognised in the last two years if you were completely honest without a political view. It is no where near perfect but a starting point to build on. 

The current leadership at Harlow under a Conservative administration in the last two years had to deal with Covid, the war in Ukraine , retirement of the last chief executive and was able to appoint a new one with labour’s full backing and also achieve something great in making history by attempting to buying back asset to stabilising the economy for the people of Harlow, small step but a giant leap into the uprising of Harlow becoming a great town. 

It is paramount that the elected are meeting people’s day to day basic needs from the ground level and not just in the press releases tearing one other or debased arguments in chambers but getting the job done.

There are people whom are isolated, living in terrible conditions , depressed, children without direction, families with challenging issues and people in need of support not reading “Tory this and that “ or empty promises. 

It will great to see councillor on door step helping people and not congregation in flock at picket lines or knocking on their doors to getting their vote only during elections. It will good to see campaign leaflet which says this is what we are achieving and set to achieve rather than hate message campaigns with jargon printed that does not help them meeting their needs or make their lives better. It will be great to be honest, give realistic support to projects/people rather than giving them false hopeful with projects which are not financially viable. 

It will great to see all party activist on whom comment on every post actual doing something realistic in involvement, meeting with those they need to hold accountable for the people of harlow rather than getting award trophy  of online complaints champions in manipulating words. If you are guilty then consider to think before you next type. 

There are always facts, opinions and then truths so even if the conservative administration were no longer in office it will be recorded and known we opened the path and did great things for Harlow in a very short time. One can only hope the next succeeding administration be capable to continue the process.

Declaration : I am for the people of Harlow and making Britain Great in a United front. , As a business owner with many challenges, a mother of 5 children, one with a disability, irrespective of challenges I choose in continuing to work hard in fulfilling my aspirations in difficult circumstances, I believe in outcome not defeat I believe in effort and not entitlement I have believe it takes us individually to make a difference and not the someone else. I believe we must take ownership and be responsibility for outcome of our decisions making without blaming others. It is important to teach people to desire having the skill set needed or to learn how and be given the tools to catch their own fish rather than controlling them on rations of a fish a day for nothing. 

This is why I am member of conservative unionist party and this is why I believe in my great party. This is why I believe with a conservative administration Harlow has a chance. 

“It takes understanding the process to vote and not just doing what your parents always did or because one gets something for nothing, as it will always be at the expense of others. Instead we must vote the party which will gives us the tool to be independent and become better whilst also demonstrating a strategic process to successful deliver a clear vision and plan in making Britain Great beginning with us at Harlow”. 

Cllr Stacy Seales

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24 Comments for Senior Conservative councillor issues rallying call for party in Harlow:

2023-02-11 16:31:14

Away with the fairies, dosn't make sense. What a load of dribble

Tony Durcan
2023-02-11 16:35:59

I may have missed to council meeting that discussed and agreed the war in Ukraine… My guess this ramble of rubbish is about getting ready to get rid of Perrin.

David Forman
2023-02-11 16:55:47

Nice of Cllr Seales to admit "The Labour administration over the years has done a lot of good for our country."

Luke Burton
2023-02-11 17:10:47

Did ChatGPT write this? Or am I being too generous?

2023-02-11 17:11:26

I’m really sorry but I had to stop reading this after a few paragraphs. This is shockingly written. If you are trying to make a point surely you would read through what you have written to make sure it makes sense. If this councillor is responsible for ‘Governance’, then we’re in big trouble.

Bruce Downey
2023-02-11 17:20:00

Don’t be cruel to a heart that’s true. Elvis Presley (1956)

Nicholas Taylor
2023-02-11 18:27:38

This must be the worse public statement from a Councillor in the history of Harlow Council. I think the most ironic point comes when she mentions in paragraph ten "the elected are meeting peoples day to day basic needs from the ground level up". The Tories cannot even get the pot holes fixed!

2023-02-11 19:45:07

This makes no sense what so ever, sounds like she thinks the Tories will not be in power much longer - which is good as they are useless. BUT we definitely do not want them replacing by the communists which are labour.

Kim Oconnor
2023-02-11 19:47:58

😂 😂 oh Nicholas ya so right.

Peter Henegan
2023-02-11 20:03:54

Are the tories doing a decent job locally?At ECC level I would suggest not given the state of the roads and pathways. It is hard to tell re Harlow, some big projects are underway, only time will tell if they are successful. Tbh, I do struggle to understand what Labour is about locally. I do believe that labour policies in years gone by have attributed to the poor economic performance of the town as it now is.

Rachelle Brodie
2023-02-12 04:25:21

If this is the quality of Portfolio member councillor Russell Perrin is relying upon to prop up his position as council leader, he really should have the decency to put his ego to one side and step down. Harlow deserves far better than this flawed leadership and incoherent drivel that is meant to pass as a policy statement.

Terry Lindsell
2023-02-12 05:51:54

Nicholas Taylor is right. Blimey, After reading this, I ran it through Google Translator but it was unable to detect the language. Councillor Seales should try using Egyptian hieroglyphics as it might be clearer. What total rubbish.

gary roberts
2023-02-12 08:19:31

Did I smile at this incoherent nonsense: No. Why not? Because it is not funny, it is just a clear representation of failed policy decisions from the top of a very disorganised political party that sadly doesn't know or understand the mess this town is in. Cllr. Seales is just a symbol of those deep failings and more disappointingly failed her own constituency. Will it change in May? I bloody hope so because if it doesn't then the road to perdition gets ever nearer, sadly!

Alan Aubrey
2023-02-12 08:28:53

I voted for a Conservative council, but feel let down. The town looks a mess. Cllr Perrin recently posted that potholes on First Ave had been fixed, which was a complete lie and now we have this unintelligible statement. Just broken promises. That’s enough. I shan’t be voting this time. Lab and Con are equally useless in Harlow.

2023-02-12 08:57:06

Jim has hit the nail on the head, councillor Seales statement is so poorly written it is difficult to make sense of.

2023-02-12 10:18:41

Councillor Seales is an active member of the council and popular with her class mates. She shows much potential, but will not achieve that potential without focusing more on the core subjects, especially grammar and written English. Much more effort is needed. Hence the grade F for this terms work.

2023-02-12 11:49:34

Illiterate, incoherent and she has been put in charge of a portfolio for the Council by Reggie Perrin. Very worrying, is this the best the Conservatives can do?

Stacy Seales
2023-02-12 16:19:08

@ TheMan- I am naturally a teacher’s pet so will aim to getting a distinction next time 😊. On a serious note, I stand corrected to ensure I proof read my written statement especially when they get published as noted. The only popularity I seek is one which realistically implements support for every man woman , child and the economic growth for Harlow Town.

Stacy Seales
2023-02-12 16:52:58

@Mr Roberts at least we can agree the town is a mess ;however I am slightly confused as to why you want it given back to the labour administration whom did not understand the economic value or running of the town leaving it to ruin over decades.

gary roberts
2023-02-13 07:21:54

"@Mr Roberts at least we can agree the town is a mess ;however I am slightly confused as to why you want it given back to the labour administration." Cllr. Seales it is clear that your comment above has no foundation or credibility. Indeed I am also waiting for you to tell me what party I belong too as you appear to know as highlighted in previous comments you have made to me. If you can back up your comment I would be pleased to read or hear it. Mind you I will still ask you as one of the councillors' representing my area what you have done to support its clear objectives, namely a well-being hub and locally based council services. You have not even been prepared to stand up and highlight the benefits that these objectives would give the community of Potter Street. Indeed it appears that your only intention of being elected was to focus on Harlow Town rather than the needs of the people that elected you. Your political party is in a mess just like the town and in two years of being elected you have done nothing to change that impression in my area sadly.

Stacy Seales
2023-02-13 10:36:07

Mr Roberts, I beg to differ and certainly do not need validation of my dedication to those in harlow common and harlow. The community and people of potter street will disagree with your statement as there is an active presence without even been political but just dedicated individuals wanting to support others. What do you presently do for the community which can be measured to benefit them except your activists presence on here. We must ensure our focus is not on political colours but supporting those with passion in helping the people and not tearing them down. If we truly intend in making the people of harlow town lives better then we must do so together constructively not by continuous efforts to down play good intentions and small step with results.

gary roberts
2023-02-13 11:15:08

Dear Cllr. Seales, I would like to address this comment of yours: What do you presently do for the community[?] For a local councillor that question is indicative of your lack of knowledge of the Potter Street area. If you did you wouldn't ask that question. But as you have asked: Firstly, I contacted and then met the west Essex CCG to ask for some medical assistance in the then proposed well-being hub. They agreed to help. A well-being hub that you and your colleagues decided to abandon despite your council leader suggesting he supported it last February. Secondly, I contacted the police officer in charge of local neighbourhood policing for Essex in an attempt to get some police presence to attend the local residents group. So there are two examples. And with the help of your colleague Cllr. Leppard the repair of a local tribute plaque in the splash park. Now what have you achieved for the Potter Street area of your constituency? I suspect the answer is nothing: prove me wrong if you can. Warm words and BS do not count!

Stacy Seales
2023-02-13 17:09:46

Thanks Mr Robert It was really good speaking to you earlier and thanks for the well wishes. I am glad to know we are seeking the exact same thing for our community. Thanks for also understanding my values which are equally yours and I very much appreciate your recommendations to advertise to YH what it currently happening at potter street so it is widely accessible as even you were unaware. I am glad that together we can at least agree to making our community great by working alongside people beginning with harlow common / potter street then the wider town. Also what you created for the community association at potter street is what we are trying to ensure is developed and made to be a norm across harlow town and wider Britain. Also helping our younger community grasp the importance, value and power of effective community which hold us all together. You have and still serve your community well so let us positively working together as one people build on better and stronger communities for the people of harlow this was why I ran the election and stand not even political but as a local. As I stated we have an opportunity in rebuilding harlow together as people. Ensuring each community has the tool it requires to support those who access services within the legal framework which are viable and sustainable standards in helping people even within their personal lives. It is very important and a lesson to learn here that we meet those we hold various view of so I am glad we spoke and look forward seeing you soon.

gary roberts
2023-02-13 19:37:21

Cllr. Seales, I listened to you and asked you again what you had done for the Potter Street area and received a reply that was so weak it didn't amount to much. I asked why your party didn't act last February to get the work started on the well-being hub and was told nothing that I didn't know already: a political promise of support not redeemed sadly. You stated you stood for election in my ward to help people. That is fine and nothing unusual in that but again I asked you what you had done to support the objectives of the Potter Street area and basically you repeated your previous comments sadly. The demographics clearly show the residents' of Potter Street need a doctors' surgery now not in months: now. They have been without for over four years and have been let down by you and your colleagues. It is a disgrace and as a current member of the ruling group on Harlow council get it done and get it done now. With two councillors' holding officer in Potter Street you should at least try to do it, so do it. No if's and no but's action it now and stop the warm words it doesn't impress.

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