White Horse pub in Potter Street set to be transformed into Islamic Community Centre

Communities / Sun 12th Feb 2023 at 07:42am

A RUN down pub on the edge of Harlow is set to be transformed into a Muslim Community Centre.

The White Horse pub in Potter Street was put up for sale and then bought last year.

YH understands that members of the Bangladeshi community have purchased it as a replacement for their centre in Northbrooks.

That centre had become increasingly dilapidated and so the community began a search for a new home.

YH has spoken to sources and they hope to continue to embrace and back the community as they did over in Northbrooks.

Occupants of the Northbrooks Centre have been, over the years, noted for their charity work. At home with help for Covid victims to abroad with assistance to flood victims in Bangladesh.

Local residents say they have met with a representation of the community and were encouraged by their plans.

There are a number of Islamic centres in Harlow. The centre in Kingsmoor Road is seen as for all muslims. This centre is for many of those (but not exclusively) who have roots in Bangladesh.

All faiths and churches, even of the same sect, have their nuances and differences.

Under the banner of the Church of England, you will see differences between St Mary of Magdalene in Potter Street and St Mary at Latton off First Avenue.

At Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church on First Avenue, there are masses in English as well as masses in Polish.

A planning application has yet to be submitted in relation to a change of use.

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18 Comments for White Horse pub in Potter Street set to be transformed into Islamic Community Centre:

2023-02-12 10:22:22

Religious people are well intentioned but unfortunately Religion is used as a base of power over the population and it is the nuances and differences between that exclude people, cause friction and wars: eg Ireland, Middle East. etc etc. By all means turn the pub into a community hub but a community centre should embrace the whole community especially that around it's immediate location. Wasn't this the reasoning that created the opposition and the Council to reject the planning application to the ex Science Alive section of the LeisureZone becoming a religious centre? Also note the great difficulties those in Potter Street are having in getting premises for an all inclusive Wellbeing Hub or a decent community health provision. Wasn't there a time before the decline of the town, when all community centres in Harlow were secular and the responsibility of the Council?

2023-02-12 13:25:25

If you take God out of the equation you end up with places like Stalin's Russia, Hitler's Germany and the poor people in North Korea. Just sayin'

2023-02-12 15:43:37

Just say in : taking God into your home and treating all other people and their religious beliefs with respect doesn't mean it gives you the right to dictate what they eat, wear on their heads, discriminate against women or set up as a government or conduct crusades. France, Canada, USA manage quite well without a state religion: although religious fundamentalists fanatics in the USA, as everywhere seem to create more trouble than those who aren't or those who are atheists.

2023-02-12 18:09:22

Novoman. I think you're mixing a lot of different religions together. I certainly don't tell women what to wear on their heads, for example! In your opinion, do you feel all religions are the same?

2023-02-12 18:29:49

John should have put his hand in his pocket and maintained that pub, it was a pillar of the community, he was as tight as a drum and was one of the dearest pubs on the town, what a waste of something that could of been turned around.

David Forman
2023-02-12 21:00:28

Nice to see my Muslim brothers and sisters get a new home. May Allah bless them. Assalamailaikum.

Street potter
2023-02-12 22:49:47

Matthew, re your comment about taking God out of the equation, God seems to be very much in the equation in eg Afghanistan and Iran, doesn't seem to do the people, especially females, any good

Bruce Downey
2023-02-13 08:58:32

Then at a later date a Mosque??

James Leppard
2023-02-13 12:50:35

Sadly, we are losing many pubs, not only in Harlow and the surrounding areas, but across the country. It is a result of costs, including high duties and changing social habits. People’s leisure preferences are altering, more alcohol is consumed at home than ever before. The White Horse clearly closed through lack of investment, poor management and not attracting a viable number of customers. It is a pity, but inevitable. If somebody wished to take it on as a pub or restaurant, it was there on offer. The owner has sold to those who offered the price, nothing more.

2023-02-13 13:24:52

Street potter. Please see my response above to Novoman. Thanks. Matthew.

2023-02-13 13:40:48

My only concern is the future. I have strong concerns that within a few years the council will recieve an application to state that this property too, is now dilapidated and they wish to knock it down and build a substantial mosque which will encroach onto green belt land also. I would ask, what role is it expected to fullfill that the current mosque in Paringdon Road does not ? I'm not saying I object to it's current form but I do have strong suspicions that this won't be the last time that plot of land and building, will have an application for it.

2023-02-13 13:57:31

Novoman couldn't have put it better myself. Well said

2023-02-13 22:42:45

The other day I met a man who used to be a drug user (heroin). He shoplifted to pay for his drug habit, and spent time in prison as a result of his crimes. Then, he became a Christian. He no longer steals or uses drugs, but works and is now a contributor to society. Jesus Christ changed him.

2023-02-14 08:44:43

If the religious looked at the principles of religion it stems from community, and an intention to do good (couldn't be intentions to do bad) if so, these guys have the opportunity to make the pub a place that supports it's community and open it as the multi faith and non faith wellbeing centre the Potter Street Community need. Sorts everyone's issues.

2023-02-16 11:27:46

Matthew, a well intentioned comment but there is a marked difference between Christian beliefs and Islamic beliefs. Any religion that dictates to its congregation what they must eat, what they must wear, whether they can go to school, whether somebody is allowed to draw a picture of their God, etc is not one based on faith, but on fear. I'm not going to pre-judge what will happen at this proposed new Islamic Centre and I genuinely hope that it will hold true to its promise to become a local community centre (and I mean the Potter Street community rather than just the Islamic community). However, it's naïve to point out just the best bits of organised religion, with out considering the rest.

Steve Henderson
2023-02-17 21:00:04

Knock it down, It would be best idea. Build flats

I Watson
2023-08-09 21:24:49

The building formerly known as the white horse in potter street now owned by the Islamic community center in north brooks, planning is being sought to demolish the pub and build a mosque/ community center in its place. They reckon 6 months before work starts, I have looked at the planning/ building site on Harlow council but unable to find anything yet. The area is NOT predominantly Muslim so this mosque/ center should not be allowed.

2023-12-08 11:32:17

Well said Novoman

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