Nursing union announce biggest walkout over pay dispute

Health / Fri 17th Feb 2023 at 09:06am

THE Royal College of Nursing has announced its biggest walkout of the pay dispute in England.

Its members at half of hospitals, mental health and community services will take part in the 48-hour strike from 1 to 3 March.

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2 Comments for Nursing union announce biggest walkout over pay dispute:

gary roberts
2023-02-17 09:26:44

I think everyone that believes in the NHS, like me, understands that the backbone of this service are the nurses. A dedicated and inspiring set of public servants that as the phrase goes are led by donkeys and incompetent politicians. During the pandemic I did not clap for the actions they delivered because clapping wouldn't and haven't paid their bills. And now they need a decent pay rise because if not an already short staffed service will end resulting in the death of many that may have been saved. And Mr. Halfon forget the warm uninspiring words and get them a pay rise that doesn't insult their integrity.

David Forman
2023-02-19 10:58:24

Research by the Trades Union Congress shows NHS workers have lost more than a year’s worth of salary since 2010 as a result of Tory government pay freezes and below inflation rises. Maternity and care assistants have suffered a real-terms pay loss of £30,000 since 2010 while nurses and physiotherapists have suffered a cumulative real-terms pay loss of £37,000. Midwives have lost £48,000 since 2010 – the equivalent of 14 months’ salary. See: https://www.politics.co.uk/opinion-former/press-release/2023/02/17/nhs-workers-have-have-lost-over-a-years-worth-of-salary-since-2010/

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