Bookings required from Monday at all Essex County Council recycling centres

News / Sun 12th Mar 2023 at 02:06pm

FROM Monday (13 March), residents visiting Essex County Council recycling centres will need to booka slot before visiting.

The recycling centre booking process is a trial that is set to be in place until December 2023. 

It has already been trialled for all vehicles using Rayleigh Recycling Centre, and for large vehicles using the nine van-friendly sites. 

Both trials have been effective in smoothing the pattern of demand across operating hours and reducing queues and congestion both in and around the sites.

Residents will be able to book their slots via a link on the Love Essex website and a handy video has also been created explaining the booking process.

Pedestrians, cyclists and Blue Badge holders do not need to book a slot.

After taking onboard resident feedback and following a successful trial at Rayleigh Recycling Centre, members of the public will be able to book a slot on the same day they wish to visit, if slots are available.

Cllr Malcolm Buckley, Essex County Council Cabinet Member for Waste Reduction and Recycling, said: “Bookings will be required to visit an Essex County Council recycling centre from Monday 13 March. 

“You can book your slot online or you can phone the Contact Centre on 0345 743 0430 Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm, where staff will make the booking on your behalf. 

“The sites have been less congested since we started trialling a booking system at our van-friendly sites and Rayleigh Recycling Centre. We’ve also been able to reduce the misuse of sites by vehicles carrying commercial waste. 

“We will monitor the trial to measure its success and can make amendments as necessary. 

“The trial will be fully evaluated in Autumn 2023 before any decisions are made about the future of bookings.”

For full details, please visit the Love Essex website at http://www.loveessex.org/bookings.  


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7 Comments for Bookings required from Monday at all Essex County Council recycling centres:

Kim Oconnor
2023-03-12 18:48:50

This will only cause more fly tipping. Stupid rules and regulations.

2023-03-12 19:44:33

Most councils have this across the UK, I even used one in my home region this weekend that required a prebooking. Worked fine. If it stops everyone turning up at peak hours and waiting in queues for 2 hours then great. It’s not hard to know when you need to go, and if a slot is free at least you know it won’t be overly busy. Great idea. As for fly tipping, if someone was going to do it, I doubt a booking slot would be the thing that tips them over the edge to go ahead with it…very minor thing in the scheme of it

2023-03-12 21:39:47

Congestion! Common sense solution without the cost of a bookin system: go early or on a weekday. This is all about recycling centres not being about recycling but just directing waste elsewhere. If centres took and collected everything from business and households then we'd be getting what we pay Council tax and business rates for and save billions because there would be virtually no fly tipping an Councils would make money recycling repaired goods and useable materials.

2023-03-12 23:27:31

Do you ever have anything to say about harlow that is positive Kim, all you seem to is moan about everything that is harlow related

Kim Oconnor
2023-03-13 09:41:20

Not at moment Mike, I'll let you know thou. Oh wait a minute, when the conservatives are out, you may see a cheerful side to me 😂

2023-03-13 15:14:47

We've not got a car at the moment does anyone know if the council still have the collection scheme of five or six bags of rubbish that you book in for collection for a fee?👍

mrs.christine pritchard
2024-01-12 21:09:11

my main complaint is the difficulty in actually booking a slot . im not an idiot but it is really hard to navigate the web site. Christine Pritchard,

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