Harlow Greens attend spring conference in Birmingham

General / Tue 14th Mar 2023 at 05:30pm

A NUMBER of Harlow Green Party members attended their parties spring conference in Birmingham last weekend.

With a few weeks left before they declare how many candidates will be fighting for a seat at Harlow Council, the Green candies are busier than ever.

They have their monthly meetings at Phoenix Live and attend many other events in the town.

Whilst down there, we asked Yasmin Gregory (pictured with deputy leader Zack Polanski) to produce a video diary reflecting on what had been discussed and how she (and her colleague Jennifer Steadman) related it to Harlow.


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4 Comments for Harlow Greens attend spring conference in Birmingham:

Angela Kurton
2023-03-15 13:39:43

I’m glad we have a Green Party here, and pleased that “compassion” is a key underlying principle.

Bruce Downey
2023-03-15 18:56:54

Surprised Kim, hasn’t Commented..l lost interest like many with their madcap policies.Scotland & Brighton for example.

Jennifer Steadman
2023-03-15 21:54:13

I was at the conference & trust me, not one policy could possibly be labelled or associated with the words 'mad cap'. Compassion, kindness, humanity & equality were the words I'd associate with the policys we voted on last weekend.

David Forman
2023-03-16 09:42:30

I wonder if Ms Steadman travelled to the conference in her gas guzzling Land Rover? I had a discussion with her about her 4x4 last year in Bush Fair along the lines of "Do as I say, not do as I do".

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