Reform UK Party declare they will field candidates in every constituency at next General Election (inc. Harlow)

Politics / Mon 20th Mar 2023 at 12:24pm

THE REFORM UK Party has announced that it plans to stand candidates in every English, Welsh and Scottish constituency at the next General Election.

In a press conference held in Westminster this morning (Monday) honorary president Nigel Farage said: “Brexit has not been completed, part of the UK has been hived off and is still being controlled by the European Commission.

“Vast swathes of industry that were looking forward to benefits, the fishing industry being one, have seen virtually nothing in their favour. Regulations have not been axed.

“And on the really big one, namely control of our borders, not only do we have what’s been happening in the English channel but legal net migration last year was running at half a million.

“So three and a half years on Brexit has not been completed.”

Reform leader Richard Tice confirmed that they would be putting candidates forward in all 630 constituencies.

Reform UK has its roots in UKIP. In 2014, UKIP won five seats on Harlow Council. A year later, their candidate won 16% of the vote at the General Election.

By 2019, then had morphed into the Brexit Party. They had a candidate in Harlow for the General Election that year but the party then withdrew all candidates, giving the Conservatives under Boris Johnson a “clear run”.

Sure enough, Harlow MP Robert Halfon won with a majority of over 14,000.

Whether they are the party of 2014/15 or simply yesterday’s men, we will just have to wait and see.

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21 Comments for Reform UK Party declare they will field candidates in every constituency at next General Election (inc. Harlow):

Alex Thomson
2023-03-20 15:37:08

Brexit has been a disaster for the UK . The reason that industry and fishing haven't benefitted from it is there were none to be had. It really is time Mr Farage stopped trying to justify the brexit fantasy and left the (political) stage.

Peter Henegan
2023-03-20 15:51:38

Labour will love them splitting the tory vote, always presuming labour actually find someone to stand here

David Forman
2023-03-20 17:56:20

UKIP got hammered in Harlow in the 2015 & 2016 local elections due to the anti-racist campaigns delivered under the auspices of Stand Up to Ukip and Hope not Hate. The Reform Party are just a pale imitation of UKIP and Farage is too busy making money to get too involved.

Anita King
2023-04-11 21:02:57

Do you have a candidate for Kegworth in North West Leicestershire

Daniel Davison
2023-04-16 07:42:17

Do you have a canditate for Hawick in the Scottish Borders?

2023-04-20 17:49:01

Hello. Who is the Reform Candidate for Sittingbourne and Sheppey, Kent please? Will they be in the forthcoming elections, or only down as ‘’Other?’

Mark Gough
2023-04-28 13:06:03

Announcements of candidates available on the website www.reformparty.uk. David Forman is talking absolute rubbish. 2015 the Council Election was the same time as the General Election, so people voted the same way Locally as they did in the GE. Like UKIP votes come from across the spectrum which is why all the old Parties are worried!

Debra Good
2023-06-11 08:50:40

Being a long time tory voter after I made the mistake of voting blair in, I have switched allegiance to reform UK! Please field a candidate in my area so we can get shot of Theresa coffey!!!!

John moxom
2023-07-12 18:50:23

This party really needs to make sure it kicks their campaigning up a notch. Until recently I had never heard of reform uk. Never see them on main stream news channels. If they want a chance of getting in they need to really really push there narrative.

Pamela Gallagher
2023-08-15 10:21:22

Will there be a reform party candidate in the next General Election in the Leggatts ward for postcode WD246RY. I do hope so as I do not believe in a wasted vote.

Suzine Tulsan
2023-08-26 14:01:15

I always voted for the raving loony party as there is no one else and didnt want not to vote. Then along came Brexit and now gone along with the Reform UK. Please have a candidate in Sittingbourne (Swale) Kent

Ms Gwen Whiteman
2023-09-05 07:03:07

I do hope you stand a candidate in Bexhill & Battle at the next general election. We currently have Huw Merriman, who is hopeless for this area. Too busy following his political career in transport.

Mr R Goodman
2023-09-30 11:06:11

I want to vote for Boris Johnson I hate the way Tories have treated him and will NOT VOTE TORY OR LABOUR in the coming elections. Are Reform Uk representative in my area DH7 0BA? as I want to vote for them.

Patricia Grimes
2023-10-21 11:19:06

Please have candidates all over Scotland SNP have ruined our country I tell my friends to vote for Reform but they need to know more about you more publicity please

2023-11-13 16:45:08

Do you have a candidate in South Staffordshire. Just about had enough of the Tories now after having voted for them every election for the past 35+ years. They've completely betrayed our country.

Ivan smith
2023-11-23 01:10:41

Do you have a candidate for suffolk coastal

2023-12-31 11:56:45

Who is going to represent Hampshire? You currently don't have enough Candidates to make any impression.

Rosemary Mitchell
2024-01-04 19:29:49

Which constituencies have no Reform candidate at present please ?

Heather Pook
2024-01-14 09:50:08

Will there be a Reform candidate for West Dorset?

Hazel Jean Page
2024-01-24 17:18:30

Do you have a candidate for Canvey Island, Essex

Roger Burton
2024-02-28 16:32:36

Lucian Fernando was not even born in UK … is Reform, who claim to want to stop immigration, so desperate ?

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