Harlow Greens spring into action as co-leader visits town

News / Wed 22nd Mar 2023 at 01:28pm

ADRIAN Ramsay, the Co-Leader of the Green Party visited Harlow on Tuesday 21 March, the first day of Spring, and met with members of the local community and the Harlow Green Party activists at one of the jewels in the crown of Harlow, Harlow Museum.  

At the Stow, Mel Hopwood spoke to Adrian about her campaign to bring the Knife Angel to Harlow.  Adrian was visibly moved by Mel’s story and her dogged determination to make sure lessons are learned from her son’s untimely death at aged just 16.  Mel emphasised the need to listen and work with the young people of Harlow. 

Jamie Gilbert, the Green Party candidate for Mark Hall, said, “We are only too aware about the lack of facilities for young people.  The destruction of The Square is still felt in the town.  Harlow Rock School is a great alternative but the lack of adequate transport makes it difficult for many children to access it on their own.  We are seeing facilities and services taken away – often without an adequate consultation with the residents of Harlow – and then a failure or delay to replace it blamed on insufficient funds or it is replaced with what somebody thinks the people of Harlow should have.

Dave Wales, of Lee Valley Cycles also spent time with Adrian updating him on his latest community collaboration with the charity, Roots to Wellbeing and their innovative Cycle Recycle Project.  Donated bikes are repaired and serviced by a team led by Dave ready for use by those identified as being in need of transport.   So far, 30 bikes out of a target figure of 50 have been given to families in Harlow.  Yasmin Gregory, candidate for the Old Harlow ward and active travel advocate, told Adrian of how she had witnessed Dave working tirelessly throughout the pandemic, often for free, to ensure key workers were able to cycle to work. 

Moving onto Harlowbury Primary School, Adrian was questioned hard by the School Council.  Questions included:  What do you do (basically, what is your day job) and Who is your Leader.

He went on to say he has two jobs, one as co leader of the Green Party where his day is spent visiting and speaking to people about issues that matter to the Green Party about the environment and the climate.  His other job is working for a charity that focuses on renewable energy.

Adrian explained that he is now the leader alongside Carla Denyer and before that he had been Deputy Leader to Caroline Lucas MP. 

The School Council shared their plans of introducing more flowers to the school site to encourage bees (but didn’t want to get stung), reinstating the Pond project and being mindful of not wasting food at lunchtime. 

With the local elections looming, the visit served as a timely reminder that the Green Party are a political party who are growing across the country with last year seeing 80 new council seats being won by the Green Party.

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